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The World’s Biggest Streamers Epitomize NFT Gaming Without Knowing It – Compilation


When it comes to NFT games, many people ask “what problem does it solve.”

It is useful to try and understand the technology using real world examples where prominent gamers describe problems or desires that are not easy to resolve.

Castle Crypto is compiling video clips that reveal an underlying need in the gaming world that *may* be solved by gaming technology.

Important – if you don't understand NFT games, read this explainer post.

These topics include:

  • Calling out the fact that players don't “own” the items they earn in game
  • Frustration with gaming companies forcing players to pay for item they ultimately don't own (example: WoW store mounts)
  • Grinding games for hours and not getting anything of “value”
  • A desire for gamers/streamers to build massive communities on their own terms
  • Influencer controlled item issuance vs. game company owned “licensed” skins and items
  • Issuance of collectibles and other community building activities


You don't own a god damn thing.

The largest World of Warcraft streamer, Asmongold, spends hours grinding the game. He rants and raves about owning the best or most “OG” items.

He often begins his stream by running a dungeon to farm an extremely rare item drop. Hours and hours are wasted trying to earn this item.

In the process, he rants about issues with gaming in general, particularly with players not owning the items they earn any predatory money grubbing by big companies.

Watch these clips in full – (NSFW language):


  • Blizzard charges gamers $25 for a store mount (rideable creature) players don't actually own
  • Constant cash grabs make items less desirable
  • Hours and hours of grind to never receive an item he could just buy if a market existed
  • Solution? NFT game items are player owned, allow for game unlocks, and provide permanent ownership with the ability to hold or sell

My old WoW account from circa 2010 or so was deleted due to inactivity.

Imagine if I could sell all of the “OG” stuff I “played to earn.”

As of December 2022, his position on blockchain games has become more clear and informed.


I'm trying to get skins in every game. That's my plan.

Awhile back the head designer of 100 Thieves created Shroud Valorant skin concepts, just for fun.

More recently, Shroud himself showed off real skins, weapons, and custom emotes based on his brand for the game Naraka Bladepoint.

Streamers Summit1G and Lirik also have their own version.

The following tweet and video capture Shroud stating he's “trying to get skins in every game,” and shortly after discussing “how cool it would be to issue collectibles.”

Once again, we have a streamer describing NFT gaming items, or what *could* be NFT game items.

Instead of Naraka Bladepoint owning and controlling the Shroud skins, imagine if Shroud created his own skins, and allowed Naraka Bladepoint to use it! Control is given to the player and streamer!

Same applies to the Valorant concept above. If Shroud created his own NFT sniper rifle skins, any gaming creator could implement this into their new game moving forward by simply checking the blockchain to see who owns what.

Update – December 2021

Shroud now appears to know and understand NFTs and how they relate to gaming.


Here XQC discusses a 1/1 car in Grand Theft Auto Role Play


  • Projects like Enjin allow game companies (or anyone really) to issue blockchain NFT items. These items are then useable in any game that implements the ecosystem.
    • Example game – Lost Relics – imagine Diablo but you own the swords and items you find. Forever.
  • Projects like Immutable X issue gaming items on gasless layer 2 solutions, allowing a free market of player traded items to develop, between gaming worlds. Example – Gods Unchained playing cards (think Hearthstone on the blockchain).
  • Axie Infinity allows players to grind for SLP, which is needed by other players to create new Axies. The governance token AXS allows the player community to influence the course of game development

Imagine if Asmongold created his own set of weapons, armor, and gear. Imagine how games could immediately onboard any player that could log in and find Asmongold themed gear in their inventory!

Asmongold NFT Example

Asmongold issues his own massive “big dick” two-handed sword on Enjin. Only 10,000 exist. Now, his biggest fans can bid to own a sword which could be used across multiple gaming worlds, otherwise known as the “”.

This isn't a static jpeg with no utility.

It's a specifically designed game-useable NFT that can be passed around to whoever wants it, forever.

A new MMO game could adopt the Enjin ecosystem knowing that 10,000 people have an Asmongold sword and can be onboarded immediately.

Shroud NFT Example

Shroud issues sniper rifle skins on Enjin, , or another decentralized gaming solution.

He releases 25,000 copies which can now be incorporated by any game developer.

He also drops a limited supply of Shroud digital bobbleheads on the VeVe app, giving him an early entry into would could be an enormous market for .

We'll continue to post more examples of real world gaming problems solved with NFT technology.

Prediction – a major streamer will release NFT game items by the end of 2022.

Update December 2022 – Dr. Disrespect did in fact release what is anticipated to be one of the biggest NFT game releases moving forward:

Agree or disagree with this analysis? Sound off in the comments below.

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