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World of Ether: Unique Features, but Tough to Get Started


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World of Ether is an Ethereum-backed monster breeding game from Alain and Stanley Goldman. Like other games in this genre, it allows players to collect, breed, and send into battle digital monsters.

In World of Ether, these monsters are called Etherians.

This article will explore how World of Ether is played and what makes it unique as compared to other games in this genre. If you’ve heard of World of Ether and wondered what is causing all of the buzz, read on to find out.

World of Ether: A Monster Breeding Game

World of Ether is a monster breeding and battle game. This niche began with the development of CryptoKitties (2017), still one of the most popular blockchain games of all time

But in CryptoKitties, players could not send their kitties into battle. Over the past few years, many developers have attempted to improve upon the success of this game by creating similar versions that would allow players to battle.

This has led to games such as Etheremon and Axie Infinity that include both breeding and battles as part of gameplay.

This niche is growing over time, and World of Ether attempts to capitalize on this trend by bringing unique gameplay elements to the genre.

Unique Features of World of Ether

Despite this similarity to other games in the monster collectible genre, World of Ether does contain features that are uncommon in these games or even unique among them. Here is a list of features that distinguish World of Ether from its competitors.

No developer Etherians

In World of Ether, players are not allowed to buy “starter monsters” from the developer. All Etherians, even Gen0 ones, can only be produced from breeding or from eggs.

From the developer’s perspective, selling Gen0 monsters puts the game designer in competition with players. For this reason, the developer avoids doing this.

Male and female

Monsters in World of Ether are either male or female. In order to breed Etherians, a player must have access to both a male and female.

This is in contrast to most monster breeding/battle games that have only one sex. From the developer’s perspective, this makes the game more complex and interesting.

Etherian eggs

etherian eggs

Since the developer does not offer Etherians for sale, it needs an alternative method to make money off the game. The method it has chosen is to sell eggs that can hatch into Etherians.

The Etherian that comes from an egg is random. So a player still cannot get a specific monster by buying it from the developer. This provides an incentive for players to buy from each other instead of from the developer.

In addition, the cost of an egg increases over time. When the game’s presale began, the price of an egg was around 0.7 ETH. It now costs over 0.9 ETH to buy an egg from the developer.

This price increase should help to prevent players from flooding the market with Etherians by buying eggs.

Types of Etherians


There are five types of monsters in World of Ether. Each of these types is built around a particular fantasy theme.

Sun – An Etherian of light, capable of flying and causing fire damage

Ocean – A mysterious being capable of wave and ice attacks

Life – Has abilities associated with fertility and vegetation

Death – Has abilities representing finality and undoing

Astral – Has metaphysical, psychic, and intelligence-related abilities

Only monsters of the same type can breed with each other. This is another feature intended to increase the complexity of the game.

Even though Etherians who breed must be of the same type, their child can be of any type. The specific type of the child is randomly determined at the moment of birth.

Male “siring” services

Players can offer their male Etherians for “siring.” In other words, a player with a female monster can pay another player to provide a male mate for it. 

The player with the female Etherian always gets to keep the offspring produced by this. The player with the male Etherian gets paid in ETH for providing this service.

Player (not monster) experience

In World of Ether, Etherians do not gain experience points. Instead, players do. The higher the level of a player, the more likely that player will be to produce rare Etherians when breeding them.

Etherian battle points (BP)

etherian battle points

Each Etherian has a certain number of battle points (BP). The higher the BP, the more likely that Etherian is to win a battle. However, there is always a chance that an Etherian with a lower BP score will win.

World of Ether Playtest

In order to get a better idea of what kind of players may like World of Ether, we decided to try it out. Here is what we found out.


Registration in World of Ether is extremely simple. All a player has to do is navigate to play.worldofether.com and click explore. This brings up a registration page.

sign up

From here, a player only needs to type in a username, choose an avatar, and sign the transaction in Metamask.


Once this is done, the Etherian marketplace will automatically load.

Buying an Etherian

Before a player can breed or engage in battles, he must have at least two Etherians. And unless he wants to hatch these monsters from eggs, this means he will need to buy them from other players via the marketplace.

The process for doing this is straightforward. Just click on an Etherian to bring up its info screen.

buy an etherian
etherian stats

After looking at the Etherian’s details, a player can purchase it by clicking the button below its image. This button always shows its current ETH price, so there are no surprises.

After pushing the button, a player can confirm the transaction in Metamask to complete the purchase.

In our testing, we found that there was an extremely limited selection of monsters when compared with other games. All of the options were female. Of these, three were sun type, one was ocean, and one was life.

There were only five total monsters available in the marketplace. And only one type had more than one monster.

Buying an egg

If a player isn’t interested in the Etherians available in the store, he can buy an egg instead. This is done by clicking the inventory tab at the top-right corner of the screen.


This brings up a screen that shows the eggs currently held by the player.

buy an egg

Once on this screen, the player can click BUY to buy an egg. However, the prices have gotten extremely high. When we attempted to purchase one, we got a Metamask popup telling us that we needed almost $200 worth of Ether.



One of the menu icons at the top-right is an image of a trophy. This takes the player to the battle screen.

select etherians

We attempted to battle with only one Etherian, but received an error message telling us that we needed two of them. We then purchased a second Etherian and tried again. 

This time, we got a message telling us that we were not experienced enough to send the second Etherian into battle. Looking closer, we discovered that the second Etherian has a limitation that it can only be used by a player of level 10 or above.

Because of this problem, we were unable to test out the battle system.

Using a siring service

If a player cannot find two Etherians of different genders and the same type in the store, he can purchase a female Etherian and use a siring service to produce a new one.

This may allow the player to create a two-monster team and get started in battles when he otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

A player can search for a siring service by clicking the marketplace tab that looks like a $.


On the left side of the screen are a number of filters, including sale type. Clicking this brings up a drop-down menu that lets the player choose to show only Etherians available for siring.


In our test, we initially found that there were no Etherians offered for sire. However, within an hour or two, one sun Etherian did appear for the task. Its price for the service was around $20 worth of ETH.

sire service

Unfortunately, our female monsters were of the Ocean and Life types, so we were unable to breed them with this male. But other players may have better luck than we did.

Selling an Etherian

Once a player has produced enough rare monsters, he can sell them in the marketplace and attempt to turn a profit. To accomplish this, the player must click the collection tab.


This brings up a list of Etherians owned by the player. Clicking on one reveals its info page.


From here, a player can click menu → sell to bring up the auction screen.


To begin the auction, the player must list a starting price, ending price, and duration. The auction will begin at the starting price and slowly decline until either the ending price is reached, the Etherian is sold, or the duration is reached.

The player can put a monster up for auction for a minimum of one day and a maximum of seven days.

In our test, we found selling a monster to be a very simple and straightforward process.

Should you play World of Ether?

World of Ether certainly has some unique features. Unfortunately though, we weren’t able to test out all of its features well enough to know whether the game will be fun or not.

The Etherians are in short supply, and it’s difficult to get started in the game. So our best advice is to try out World of Ether only if you like monster breeding/battle games but are unhappy with other options.

Axie Infinity and Etheremon are excellent games in this genre, but are at the same time very accessible to newcomers. So we would recommend starting with these. 

If after trying these other titles, you find that you are especially interested in playing a game with male and female sexes and where monsters are extremely scarce, then you may want to consider switching to World of Ether.

But be prepared to have patience. It may take a while to find exactly the Etherians you are looking for in the marketplace.


World of Ether is an Ethereum-backed monster-breeding game with several unique features, including monsters that can only be bred if they are the same type, male and female monsters, eggs that increase in price over time, and others.

We’ve gone over many of these features in this article. And we’ve playtested the game and reported on what we’ve observed.

We hope this information has been helpful to you in determining whether to get started playing World of Ether.

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Have you played World of Ether? What do you think of the game? Leave your comments and questions in the box below so the discussion can continue.

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