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William Shatner Tokenized in the form of WAX Cards – Cool or Gimmick?


In the latest round of interesting but questionable blockchain collectibles, WAX has created collectible William Shatner cards as NFTs.

Some of his finest moments will be displayed in the form of a trading card, which certainly helps gain attention to crypto collectibles, but I question whether it actually hurts and comes off as more of a joke.

While Shatner is no doubt on of the most recognizable and famous TV celebrities, he's likely more well known to the older generations that will have little interest nor care in blockchain cards.

The younger generation of gamers might have more interest, however the question that always comes to mind is, what can they be used for? Just holding?

One of the reasons projects like Enjin are so exciting is that your collectible NFTs can be used directly within blockchain games like Forgotten Artifacts.

Whether these Shatner blockchain cards will have any use case whatsoever remains to be seen, and unfortunately feels too much like a gimmick.

are no doubt becoming a rising trend in blockchain and NFTs, such as the new blockchain heroes project or Garbage Pail Kids.

The question I continue to have – will anyone care, will they have value, and is it nothing more than a gimmick that actually hurts the blockchain gaming space?

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  1. Seems like you’re an Enjin fanboy! You failed to mention what WAX did with GPK and their announcements on what is coming down the pipeline. No research done and this article is totally opinion only instead of facts.

    • I did and do plenty of research, and have not seen any official announcement on “what is coming down the pipeline.” On the Topps GPK website it states in the Q&A:

      “Q: What can collectors do with their GPK Cards on WAX?
      A: Collectors can trade their digital cards with others, showcase their inventory on social media, and gift their cards to a friend.”

      Therefore my statement that “will anyone care, will they have value” is valid at this point in time. Feel free to share any news and I can update articles accordingly.

      William Shatner putting himself on the blockchain feels forced. Just my opinion. You’re free to have yours.

      I am a huge fan of Splinterlands, which can also be traded on WAX but also used within the game itself.


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