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Wilder World Metaverse News, Tokenomics, Staking & Predictions for 2024 & 2025


Wilder World is creating a visually stunning and immersive that combines traditional gaming expertise with technology to drive mainstream adoption and create amazing player experiences.

  • Wilder World's creators are building a multiplayer metaverse with the potential to drive mainstream adoption, combining expertise from traditional gaming and web3 to create amazing player experiences.
    • The speaker discusses the potential of web3 and blockchain gaming in driving mainstream adoption and introduces a metaverse project being built with the right intentions.
    • The speaker discusses the evolution of gaming and their experience working on popular games like Tony Hawk, World of Warcraft, and Grand Theft Auto.
    • The speaker discusses the transition from traditional gaming to web3 and the importance of bringing together expertise from both worlds to build a metaverse.
    • The creators of Wilder World are involved in the metaverse for the right reasons, with a vision for the importance of simulations and the potential for innovation and learning.
    • The team has expertise in various domains and is focused on creating amazing player experiences in the multiplayer metaverse.
  • Wilder World has launched a decentralized multiplayer metaverse called Wami, focused on immersive street racing and digital societies, with various NFTs for cars, avatars, clothing, and apartments.
    • Web3 has launched Wilder World's first playable multiplayer metaverse, which is a tremendous amount of fun.
    • Wilder World is a decentralized photorealistic 5G metaverse built on the blockchain, with a vision to introduce the experience to the masses through storytelling and narrative.
    • Wami is a simulation of Miami where citizens called The Wilders race and operate in the metaverse.
    • The Wilder World's multiplayer metaverse is decentralized and includes various NFTs for cars, avatars, clothing, and apartments, with a focus on making the game fun for players.
    • Wilder World is building a car-based city called Wami, with a focus on immersive street racing and the vision to create digital societies that can interact together.
    • Developing the metaverse involved understanding the core player fantasy of exploring, utilizing new tools like blockchain and AI, and merging traditional gaming with web3 technology.
  • Wilder World's multiplayer metaverse is in development, with plans for car ownership, realistic features, and creating in-game economies, aiming to appeal to both investors and players.
    • The Wilder World's multiplayer metaverse is still in development, with plans for car ownership, upgrades, and realistic features like gas consumption.
    • The challenges of creating a multiplayer metaverse involve solving new economic problems and creating in-game economies that are not present in traditional games.
    • In the multiplayer metaverse of Wilder World, the value of virtual items like cars can be traded on open markets, creating two types of customers for the same item.
    • We need to ensure that gamers have multiple entry points and a variety of experiences in the metaverse, without requiring them to spend a lot of money to play.
    • Building a metaverse that appeals to both investors and players, with a focus on community ownership and shared value.
    • Excited and nervous about bringing game development into Wilder World's multiplayer metaverse, but confident in the team's openness and ability to fix any mistakes.
  • AAA gaming and blockchain gaming are intersecting, with the gaming industry growing exponentially and AI technology bringing down budgets, but the traditional gaming demographic is resistant to blockchain gaming and web3.
    • What is the current state of the intersection between AAA gaming and blockchain gaming, and what is being built and what is not being built.
    • Gaming industry has grown exponentially, with gaming taking over and room for everyone, but AAA games now cost hundreds of millions of dollars to make.
    • AI technology in gaming will bring down budgets for some games and allow for more content creation, making it unsustainable to continue spending large amounts of money on games.
    • Web3 gaming is in its infancy, and the key to success is prioritizing gameplay and learning from the knowledge accumulated in game creation over the past 20-30 years.
    • The traditional gaming demographic is resistant to blockchain gaming and web3, but Wilder World is working to overcome this and bring them into the future of the space.
  • Wilder World's multiplayer metaverse focuses on core player experience, integration, and collaboration among web3 games to create a community of young gamers.
    • Not all gamers are the same, so just adding NFTs to a game is not enough, as players play for fun and not just for the sake of having NFTs.
    • NFTs are not appealing to most players because they are seen as a way to monetize fun rather than solving a problem or providing entertainment.
    • Wilder World's multiplayer metaverse allows players to race, compete, upgrade, and customize cars, with a focus on the core player experience and the ability for players to become creators.
    • NFTs in Wilder World and traditional game companies are causing fear and resistance, but the shift will come with the creation of great games that make it unavoidable.
    • The success of web3 games lies in creating an industry where multiple games work together to support each other, share assets, and build a community of young gamers who understand the power of web3 gaming.
    • The Wilder World Racing Experience is just the beginning, with plans to expand the city of Wami and add depth through NFTs and gameplay.
  • Wilder World aims to create a photo-realistic metaverse with player empowerment, allowing for endless creativity, while addressing challenges like cheating and financial implications.
    • The goal is to create a playable, photo-realistic metaverse with player empowerment, allowing for endless possibilities and creativity.
    • A metaverse is a fluid and continually updated universe that can be built by players, presenting unique challenges and opportunities compared to normal games.
    • Fans of games like Skyrim and Fallout have shown that they can continue to develop and modify games even after the company is done, which is why player ownership and modding are important in the metaverse.
    • Cheating in the metaverse is a problem that needs to be addressed, but content creation and preventing financial implications are also important considerations.
  • Embrace the gaming industry, stand out with quality, and utilize unique tools to compete in the multiplayer metaverse.
    • The server in multiplayer games controls player behavior and implements cheat detection to prevent cheating.
    • Embrace the gaming industry and work with companies to build a unique value proposition for Wilder World's metaverse.
    • Competition for player time is fierce, so standing out with quality and a player-focused experience is crucial in the gaming industry, and web3 has the potential to make a significant impact.
    • The unique tools in Wilder World's multiplayer metaverse allow creators to make something unique and break through a market without having to compete with established creators.
    • Understand your unique strengths as an indie game developer to compete for time, with the stakes being higher for persistent or metaverse games compared to single player experiences.
  • Wilder World's multiplayer metaverse prioritizes visually stunning designs and fast gameplay, with the team overcoming challenges to bring their vision to life.
    • The Wilder World team has faced challenges in bringing their vision to life due to being a remote team with members from different cultures and locations.
    • The focus of Wilder World's multiplayer metaverse is on balancing the creation of visually stunning and intricate designs with the priority of ensuring a fast and fun gameplay experience for the player.
    • The team was given creative freedom to make the game beautiful, and despite initial concerns, the city started coming to life and the frame rate improved, showcasing the young team's collaboration and the special experience of being together in person.
    • The conversation was great and it was interesting to learn more about Wilder World.
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