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How to Fix The Sandbox Web3Error Transaction Rejected When Staking or Claiming mSAND on Polygon


The Sandbox Game recently introduced native of mSAND on , however a number of users seem to be getting an annoying error when trying to use the staking dashboard – Web3Error: Transaction rejected. Please check your wallet.

It's unclear whether this happens due to using the Brave browser, a hardware wallet, or some combination that cannot be pinpointed when using .

Transaction Error from Sandbox Staking Dashboard

The video below explains how to use Polygonscan to run the contract functions as an alternate way to stake, claim, or withdraw your mSAND balance.

The contract functions can be found here.

The mSAND staking contract address is 0xA6E383bdA26E4c52A3A3a3463552c42494669aBd


After connecting using Metamask, you can select from the following functions:

exit – remove full deposit balance and claim available rewards simultaneously, making the mSAND liquid

getReward – claim staking rewards, available every 7 days

stake – deposit mSAND into the staking contract

withdraw – remove your staked mSAND and add it to your liquid balance

How to Stake LP Tokens for mSAND-MATIC Pool with “Web3Error Transaction Rejected”

You can follow the same instructions as above, but use the mSAND-MATIC staking contract, found here.

The mSAND-MATIC contract address is 0x4AB071C42C28c4858C4BAc171F06b13586b20F30

Use the functions below:

stake – add LP tokens to your stake

exit – remove all LP tokens and claim your reward at the same time

withdraw – withdraw only your LP tokens

How to Fix Error: exceeded project daily request limit

This means you (and likely everyone on the Sandbox platform) has run out of free gasless transactions or that month. You will need to complete the transaction as normal paying a tiny fee with MATIC.

This gasless free transactions reset each month.

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