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“Wavelings” Sci-Fi MMO Will Feature Enjin Collectibles


Wavelings game

Axana Games has announced the development of Wavelings, a large-scale, sci-fi that will feature Enjin-backed collectibles. The new game is set to launch in 2021. It will take place in a fictional future world where blockchain technology has eliminated disease and hunger.

According to the announcement, Wavelings players will be able to earn or purchase parcels of land within the gameworld. These plots of land will be fully tradeable tokens within the network. Players will be able to farm resources, offer advertising space for real-world products, or distribute NFTs using their land.

Wavelings will also function as a tutorial and gateway for new players to adopt blockchain technology. New players will be guided by a fictional AI that tells them how to connect a crypto wallet through a simple, step-by-step process.

Each AI will be a unique ENJ-backed blockchain collectible that can be upgraded over time.

In Wavelings, each player will begin the game by choosing a mega corporation to join. This decision will affect who the player character's friends and enemies are. Even though the gameworld is essentially a Utopia, players will find that humans have still found a way to come into conflict with each other.

Each player character will be a cybernetically-enhanced creature connected to a network full of value. Players will make use of complex and unique mechanics such as jetpacks, nano-tech healing kits, hoverboards, stress-indexes, and arena robot fights to navigate this world and acquire collectible objects.

Wavelings will seek to be inclusive of all players, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. So it will also feature a gender nonconforming character and AI companion selector.

Leah Munro, CEO of Axana Games, described the choice to use collectibles in Wavelings in the following way:

“After researching the tech and establishing the top priorities for our model and clients, Enjin became the easy choice. The Enjin ecosystem is at the forefront of modern blockchain technology and provides a suite of tools that remove potential barriers to adoption. This is invaluable and will allow us to remain focused on the business of gaming.”

Axana Games will be showcasing a demo of Wavelings on the Blockchain Game Alliance's “Demo Day.” More information about the event can be found on the BGA's official site.

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