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VEVE Launches NFT Comic Reader App – Comics Live Same Day As Physical


and digital collectible leader VEVE has launched a Comics app and website, a groundbreaking development in the world of digital comics.

This new platform promises to merge the latest Marvel Comics and other popular comic publishers, providing fans with access to the newest releases directly on the VEVE platform.

This launch introduces the prospect of accessing recent comic releases, alongside the existing collection of Silver Age NFTs and comics already available on VEVE.

They emphasize that while Marvel Comics is the initial launch partner, the platform is multi-publisher, hinting at potential future collaborations with other comic publishers.

The VEVE Comics platform offers both a web store and a reader app, allowing users to easily discover, purchase, and read digital comics. Key features include responsiveness, credit card purchases, no subscription requirement, and weekly updates coinciding with new comic releases in print.

Users can purchase both standard and limited edition digital comics, which are verified on the blockchain and can be sold in the VEVE Marketplace. They also discuss the process of upgrading from standard to limited editions and highlight the variety of cover variants available for purchase.

This is definitely a significant milestone in digital comic collecting, marking a shift towards digital accessibility and ownership while preserving the essence of physical comic collecting.

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