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Upland Announces Property Development with Spark Tokens & Bakersfield


Property Development is Coming to Upland! 

We are targeting this Thursday, May 20th, to launch the first phase of Property Development which includes the new Spark Token, Structure NFTs, collaborative construction mechanics, and enhanced graphics!

upland property development spark

As Property Development incorporates new smart contracts and new NFTs in a revolutionary way, we will be rolling it out initially to a select group of engaged Upland veterans.

The objective of the rollout period is to validate the exciting new mechanics on our live blockchain environment and is planned to run for approximately 3 weeks.
Players in the initial rollout group will each be granted a set amount of Spark.

Once the global Spark drop hits, players that participate in the rollout will receive any outstanding Spark rewards. If you are selected for the initial rollout period, you will receive an email sometime in the next 24 hours.

While we are eager to unlock these features for all of our fellow Uplanders, remember, as we are at the forefront of blockchain technology and innovation, there are no takebacks or re-dos.

We will be monitoring progress closely, and once we are comfortable with the status of the rollout, we will proceed with the global Spark drop!
Check this post out for more details on Spark and Property Development

This Thursday, May 20th, at 10:00 PM PT, we are aiming to release Bakersfield in its entirety! The previous releases of Staten Island were some of our smoothest yet, and a direct result of many improvements made to the underlying infrastructure.

As we continue to iterate and improve, we will be moving forward with the release of Bakersfield in California.

Like Staten Island, Bakersfield will serve as another “starter city” intended to give new players opportunities to engage with the Upland economy.

In accordance with this fact, 75% of properties will also be FSA, as they were with SI
Click the button below or click here to learn more about the Bakersfield release!

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