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Unstoppable & POG Digital Launch .POG Web3 Domain, with Plans to Expand into Web2 DNS in the Future


The new top-level domain will allow POG fans to voice their support for the project by creating digital identities with brand-centric addresses.

New York, NY — April 3, 2024 — Leading Web3 domains and digital identity provider Unstoppable Domains (UD), in partnership with premier phygital collectibles project POG Digital, today announces the launch of the “.pog” top-level Web3 domain (TLD), allowing POG fans to express their love and support for the project via branded digital identities.

In the future, UD and POG will also plan to apply for a branded Web2 generic top-level domain (gTLD) with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the entity regulating addresses in the traditional Domain Name System (DNS), at the upcoming ICANN gTLD issuance currently expected in 2026.

A TLD is the highest-ranking root-level domain in issuance. If approved, a new .pog gTLD will be created, standing alongside such iconic addresses as .com, .net, .org, and others.

The .pog domain allows players and collectors a unified way to manage assets across the five blockchains currently supported by POG.

Additionally, users are able to easily receive assets and cryptocurrencies on , , , Theta, , and Pogchain from a single digital identity, reducing the security risks and challenges of managing multiple complex blockchain addresses.

“With the new .pog Web3 domain, we are continuing our mission to provide brands with low-cost means to expand their digital presence, create a sense of community among their fans, and increase engagement with their customers,” said Sandy Carter, COO of Unstoppable Domains.

“At the same time, fans gain the ability to showcase their appreciation by creating their POG-themed digital identities with these TLDs, making it easier for them to find like-minded people and seamlessly interact with Web3 as a whole.”

POG Digital's mission is to become an interoperable POG NFTs and gaming platform that connects collectors, gamers, game designers, and third-party IP owners like entertainment brands, sport and esport leagues, visual artists, celebrities, and influencers.

Now, with more than 150 million owners of physical and digital POGs in over 40 countries today, this innovative brand will enable its community members to become ambassadors on social media and Web3 platforms via the new branded domain extension.

Just like other UD-issued addresses, the .pog Web3 domains will come in the form of a non-fungible token () minted on Polygon that users will have full control of. Notably, apart from being able to serve as a website address, .pog and other Web3 domains are also fully-fledged digital identifiers that people can use to create their unique digital profiles.

“We are extremely excited by this collaboration with Unstoppable Domains, allowing us to launch the .pog Web3 TLD for all POG fans across the globe,” noted Kyler Frisbee, CEO of POG Digital.

“This is a phenomenal advancement for the POG Digital ecosystem of collectibles-based gaming that has resulted in a streamline functionality it would have taken years to build, if not for unstoppable domains.”

As such, Web3 domains also offer their owners robust blockchain functionality, including the ability to send and receive cryptocurrencies, log into all of UD's integrated dapps on unstoppablemarketplace.com, receive unique collectible badges, message other Web3 domain holders in apps like the Group Chat, and much more.

In the future, if ICANN approves the application of .pog gTLD, users will also be able to essentially “link” the existing Web3 addresses to their Web2 counterparts. This way, their Web3 .pog domains will become indexed and searchable on major engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and all others. This will also allow the .pog domain name to be resolved to a website in the DNS.

As a result, Web3 domains will become fully integrated into the DNS, making them easily discoverable for billions of mainstream users. Meanwhile, their Web2 equivalents will inherit a plethora of the same blockchain-native features.

The latest announcement of the POG partnership continues UD's mission with the core objective to secure the gTLDs within ICANN's forthcoming application window, offering the possibility for many more brands or cities a low-cost way to explore creating naming systems ahead of the next ICANN round.

This latest endeavor is poised to make digital ecosystems more accessible, secure, and user-friendly, reflecting a shared commitment to enhancing digital identities across the Internet.

We have long speculated that web3 domains such as .eth, .box, and Unstoppable Domains could be gamertags.

This is because they provide a universal login style authentication to confirm one's digital identity on any dapp or web3 game.

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