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Topps MLB Cards Confirmed for Launch on the WAX Blockchain April 20th


It looks like the next major brand to drop on is the MLB.

A rumor was circulating on Twitter that appears to confirm a new account made by the official Topps account on WAX.io.

The account is mlb.topps.

Standard packs will be pre-minted with 6 cards for $5, while Premium packs will be pre-minted with 45 cards for $100.

mlb topps wax nft

Standard Pack drop chances:

  • Common: 78.11%
  • Uncommon: 16.67%
  • Rare: 4.17%
  • Super Rare: 0.83%
  • Epic: 0.22%

Premium Pack Drop Chances:

Contains Pack Exclusives!

  • Common: 59.40%
  • Uncommon: 22.22%
  • Rare: 11.11%
  • Super Rare: 2.22%
  • Epic: 0.56%
  • Epic Exclusive: 4.44%
  • Legendary Exclusive: 0.04%

Topps has previously launched Garbage Pail Kids which even had physical boxes that came with an NFT you could claim in digital format.

The GPK account is “gpk.topps” which seems to confirm the format for MLB.

This screenshot shows “MLB” as a sub brand on the topps main account:

topps mlb cards wax nfts

Given the explosion of demand for NFTs and the recent success of WAX launches in general, Topps could continue to capitalize on one of their most popular offerings of all time – MLB trading cards.

Ecomi recently announced that the NFL will be a partner through the NFLPA, so we could finally be seeing major brands go all in on NFTs.

If you are looking to purchase WAXP token, visit this guide.

Seems like the sports memorabilia world is becoming more accepting of crypto, as Goldin Auctions recently announced they will be accepting crypto.

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