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Topps Announces Cards on WAX Blockchain – Digital Takeover Begins


topps and wax blockchain
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Topps trading card company has announced that it will soon offer cards on the WAX blockchain. The first series to be released will be Garbage Pail Kids, which will be for sale in packs by the end of March.

Topps is the first major publisher of trading cards to adopt blockchain technology.

How to get Garbage Pail Kids blockchain cards

Topps has not announced a specific date for the release of the classic Garbage Pail Kids series. But it has stated that the series will be available “at the end of Spring, 2020” or in “March 2020.”

Initial reports are that Topps will only be accepting credit card payments for card packs, not WAX tokens or any other form of cryptocurrency. However, any collector will need to have a WAX wallet to receive cards.

For users that don't have one, here are links to 2 of the most popular WAX .

WAX Cloud


Topps offers a waitlist for users that want to be alerted when cards become available. Signing up for this waitlist also enters you into a drawing to win exclusive Garbage Pail Kids cards.

Collectors can sign up by navigating to topps.wax.io/, scrolling down to the bottom of the page, and entering an email address in the form provided.


topps baseball cards
Image source: Topps.com

Topps is one of the largest publishers of trading cards in the world and is widely regarded as the inventor of baseball cards.

It began as a bubble gum distributor in the late 1930's. But when it started including printed images of Major League Baseball players in its bubble gum packs, the cards became more popular than the gum itself.

Today, Topps is a producer of collectible cards for baseball, gridiron football, basketball, ice hockey, soccer, and other sports. It also produces numerous non-sports card series', including Star Wars Galaxy and Garbage Pail Kids 2.

Topps has an exclusive license that makes it the only producer of trading cards for Major League Baseball.



WAX is a blockchain platform for the trading of collectibles and game items. It features a DPoS consensus protocol that allows for fast, low-cost transactions. 

It is the home of the popular Dapps vIRL, VGO, and Prospectors.

For more information on the WAX blockchain, read our full review.

Garbage Pail Kids

garbage pail kids
Image source: Geepeekay.com

Garbage Pail Kids was a non-sports trading card series published by Topps in 1985. It featured cartoon characters with horrible things happening to them and humorous, wordplay names.

Garbage Pail Kids was so popular with kids in the mid-1980s that many schools banned them as a “distraction.”


Although Garbage Pail Kids will be the first Topps cards to be released on the blockchain, other card series' will surely follow if these are a success.

We don't know yet whether a non-game digital trading card craze will grip the world. But the entry of Topps into the market gives this new niche of collectibles a better chance than ever.

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