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Tony Hawk to Create “Biggest Skating Park Ever” in the Sandbox Game Metaverse


Tony Hawk has been long known to be into crypto, previously skating at the 2021 pop-up skate park.

Now his team is working with The Sandbox Game to build a large style skate park.

As of right now, The Sandbox Game has not had any real “skating” ability since it is only in Alpha. This will be the first time a skateboarding feature will be introduced. It could be a combination of hanging out with other fans and skating around.

The key questions will be how varied the skating gameplay will be. If you can only do the same 3-4 tricks over and over, it could get boring fast.

The old school Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series was a big hit due to the amount of tricks and abilities you could use.

It would be interesting to see if skateboards become desirable NFTs. Only time will tell!

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