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The Sandbox 3D – Decentralized Voxel Gaming!


sandbox 3d

The Sandbox 3D is a voxel gaming platform similar to Minecraft and Roblox, but with blockchain-backed collectible assets and currency. It is currently in development, and there is no playable version available yet.

However, the developer has released a centralized, 2D mobile version of the platform. And it has produced an editor that can be used to create models and animations for the future blockchain version.

This article will explain everything you need to know about The Sandbox 3D. We'll explain how voxel gaming platforms work, The Sandbox mobile game, Sandbox 3D editor, Creator Fund, and how Sandbox 3D will work once it is released.

If you've heard of The Sandbox 3D and wondered what it is, read on to find out.

Voxel gaming platforms

Voxel gaming platforms have been around for a while. So before we explain what makes Sandbox 3D different, we should first explain how other platforms in this genre are developed and monetized.

Voxel game definition

The term voxel refers to a particular type of graphics. A voxel is a value in a three-dimensional space.

But unlike a , a voxel's “position” is relative to every other voxel. The actual position that the voxel resides in is calculated by the game instead of being defined within its code.

Voxel graphics are favored by low-budget and amateur game designers. This is because the skills needed to design a voxel game can be gained relatively quickly, and virtually no knowledge of coding is required.

This does not mean that voxel games are of lower quality than others. Many fans of voxel games find them to be extremely fun, despite their simple, block-like graphics.

How voxel platforms are monetized

In a voxel gaming platform, the platform developer provides software that allows designers to create games. These designers then charge the platform's currency to players in exchange for collectible items or other perks within their games.

The platform developer sells this currency to players in exchange for cash. And designers turn-in the currency to receive cash from the developer, minus the developer's fee.

The two most popular examples of voxel platforms are Minecraft and Roblox. Content-creators in Minecraft charge minecraft coins for premium content, while the currency in Roblox is Robux.

The Sandbox 3D voxel gaming platform

sandbox 3d platform

The developers of Sandbox 3D are concerned about the centralized nature of current platforms.

Robux and Minecraft coins can only be purchased from the developers of these platforms. And if these developers were ever to shut down these systems, the designers of the games on these platforms would lose their livelihood.

For this reason, the Sandbox 3D team is creating a voxel gaming platform that uses cryptocurrency as its native currency. 

The Sandbox mobile platform

sandbox mobile platform

The team has already created a 2D mobile platform that allows users to create their own games. It is called The Sandbox. It is available for Android, iOS, and Steam (PC).

Since its launch in 2012, The Sandbox has been downloaded over 40 million times. The team hopes to capitalize on this success by creating a 3D version that will rival mainstream platforms.

VoxEdit Sandbox editor

voxedit sandbox editor

To facilitate the creation of The Sandbox 3D, the team has created a voxel model and rig editor called VoxEdit. Creators can use this editor to develop the initial models and animations that will be used in future games for the platform.

The editor can be downloaded here.

Sandbox Creator Fund

sandbox creator fund

The Sandbox 3D team has created a $2 million fund to sponsor artists who can create models and animations for the platform. Any artist can apply by submitting name, age, gender, email address, and portfolio url.

How The Sandbox 3D will work

In The Sandbox 3D, game-designers will charge a cryptocurrency called SAND to players in exchange for in-game collectibles and other perks. The Sandbox 3D developer will charge a commission for each collectible sold. 

The developer will also charge for a small number of “core asset” collectibles that players will use in their first experiences within the game. These are similar to the basic building blocks used in Minecraft and other games.

Game designers will also be able to negotiate with the platform developer to place advertisements in their games.

In addition to SAND, a second type of token called BOX will be offered. All games within Sandbox 3D will take place within a BOX

Each BOX will be empty at first, but will be filled with content over time as its owner creates things for players to do within it.


The Sandbox 3D is an upcoming voxel gaming platform that features a blockchain-backed economy for content-creation and monetization. 

This article has explored what we know so far about the platform. We've gone over The Sandbox 2D mobile platform, VoxEdit, SAND cryptocurrency, BOX tokens, and more. 

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