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The Bornless Early Alpha Review – Fun Atmospheric FPS Horror & Game Loop


On the Secret Agent Stache NFT Gaming show we got to demo an early look at The Bornless, an up and coming horror FPS Battle Royale with a twist.

Watch the full playthrough with the game devs here:

Despite being early alpha, the game was fairly addicting.

The premise is basically stay alive at all costs while the worst performing team gets a negative status – being chased by an NPC demon.

We played a 2v2v2v2 format. Each team is required to collect incense and burn it at various cauldron locations throughout the map. Burning more incense produces favor that keeps the demon off your team.

The cauldron changes location every so often to keep things interesting.

You start off with some basic weapons like a Tommy, pistol and knife.

You can find ammo and other useful items throughout the map.

At the start of the game, you get to pick one of three abilities to use during the round, including a deflector shield, a grenade, and the too-good-to-not-pick “spectral sight” which is basically a temporary wall hack.

The game devs admitted spectral sight was a bit to OP in this iteration of the game.

My favorite part of the game was the eerie atmosphere and audio effects. It didn't feel cheesy and kept the tension high as you stalk your opponents.

NFT Game Features

The game will be free to play and it's unclear at this point how NFTs will be integrated exactly.

From this early experience, I'd say this is definitely a game to keep an evil eye on in the future. It doesn't feel rushed and brings a cool new twist to battle royale style games.

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