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The Abyss – Game Distribution Powered by Crypto – Steam Challenger?


the abyss gaming platform

The Abyss is a gaming distribution platform with a crypto twist. On The Abyss, developers and users get rewarded with crypto tokens whenever they help each other through various tasks.

This article will explain how the Abyss platform works and what makes it unique compared to other gaming distribution systems.

What is a gaming distributor?

Before we dive into how The Abyss works, we should start by clarifying what a gaming distribution platform is.

Indie game developers often have a tough time competing with major studios. Even if they make great games, these studios simply don't have the marketing budget to successfully convince players to try out their games.

For this reason, most small studios launch their games on distribution platforms such as Steam, Origin, or GOG. 

These platforms do most or even all of the marketing for the games they carry. In return, game developers allow the platforms to take a cut out of every sale. 

Although this practice prevents the developer from keeping the full price of each sale, this is usually still less expensive than paying for marketing.

For players, distribution platforms also serve a purpose. They help players to discover new games to enjoy, but without requiring the player to do a large amount of research.

So this is the role played by game distribution platforms. Now let's consider what's different about The Abyss.

The Abyss: Rewarding Cooperation

At first glance, The Abyss appears to be similar to other distribution platforms. Players navigate to portal.theabyss.com/. There, they can browse through the list of games, install The Abyss desktop client, and/or download or purchase games.

But aside from this basic function, The Abyss also has unique features that encourage cooperation between developers and users. Each of these features relies upon the native token of the platform, called ABYSS.

Here is a list of the major features of the platform.

5 Tier Referral Program

When a developer brings in a new player to the Abyss Platform, it earns a stream of income from that player in the future. A percentage of sales of every game that player buys goes to the developer that referred him.

In other words, the developer of an Abyss game doesn't just earn income from the act of the user buying its game. It also earns an income from Abyss games made by other developers and purchased by that user.

This referral program has five “tiers” of rewards. The more users that get referred, the more the developer profits.

Referral rewards are paid out in Abyss tokens, which can be freely sold on crypto exchanges such as HitBTC, EthFinex, Bitforex, and WavesDEX.

Internal CPA Network (in development)

The Abyss intends to implement a cost-per-action network within the platform soon. 

Once implemented, users and developers will be able to earn commissions when they refer other users who buy or download a game. These commissions will be paid out in ABYSS tokens.

Rotating traffic

The Abyss uses a rotating traffic system to make sure that all games on the platform get a fair amount of advertising.

Player achievement rewards

Players on The Abyss receive ABYSS token rewards for completing achievements. This further incentivizes them to continue playing.

These achievements are set by the game developer. They may involve completing levels, defeating certain bosses, leading groups in dungeons, or practically any other activity.

Content creation rewards

When players create content such as YouTube videos, blog posts, tweets, etc., they receive ABYSS rewards for referring new players to games.

Game item auction house (in development)

The Abyss intends to create an “auction house” for game items on the platform. Once implemented, players will be able to earn loot from games and trade items to other players in exchange for ABYSS. This should provide for greater player engagement and satisfaction.

Not only will crypto items be tradeable between players, but so will some traditional centralized game items.

Current Games on The Abyss

The Abyss has a long way to go before it will be able to compete with Steam and other major distributors. But there are already 9 games available on it. So it's definitely having success in attracting developers.

Here is a list of current games on The Abyss.

Tempest ($14.99)


An action- with a pirate theme.

Players can sail across the seas plundering ships, or choose from hundreds of quests from three regions. Both PvE and PvP is available for players that prefer it. It can also be played solo.

Chain Warriors (free)

chain warriors

A casual RPG for busy people. Players attempt to defeat monsters and earn unique items. These items include Legendary gear that can be traded for crypto.

For more information about Chain Warriors, read our full review.

Tech-Wars: Global Conflict (free)

tech wars

A PvP action game involving mech battles.

Players can own and control several mechs. Classes of mechs include Scout, Stormtrooper, Destroyer, Support, and Titan. Each have varying benefits and disadvantages.

Tech Wars also features a destructible environment that relies on realistic physics calculations.

Encased ($29.99)


A sci-fi RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. 

Players can craft gear and upgrade items with ancient relics, hire desert nomads to join their causes, battle monsters in turn-based combat, or try to escape from encounters like the Labyrinth of Death. 

They can also Join factions like the New Committee, Republic of Carmine Heights, or The Church, or just go it alone if they want.

Generals and Rulers ($11.99)

generals and rulers

An that takes place during the Mongol invasions. Play the Mongol Horde, the Holy Roman Empire, or one of 78 other countries. 

Features include: rebels, mercenaries, diplomacy, spying, trade, religion, and more. Over 32 types of sciences and 10 types of troops are available.

Will to Live: Online ($17.99)

will to live

This is an MMORPG with first-person shooter elements.

The setting is a post-apocalyptic world where dangerous mutants run amok. The player must explore, complete quests, and finish dungeons to progress. 

Features four different classes, dynamic weather, and faction wars for territory.

Music Wars (free)

music wars

A multiplayer RPG with a music theme. 

The player must choose a musical preference and fight for his preference's control over Sound City. Features adventures, quests, and a customizable studio.

W.O.R.L.D.S. (free)


A simulation game that features player-driven world creation. Players can command the forces of nature to create mountains, volcanoes, forests, and more.

Players begin the game with just four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. But as they progress, they discover new elements and even build civilizations.

Lords of The Arena (free)

lords of arena

A real-time PvP strategy game featuring 30 heroes and 9 tiers of equipment. Players can attempt to climb in rank through 9 Leagues and gain notoriety through weekly tournaments and guild events.

Games Coming Soon to The Abyss

games coming soon

In addition to the current titles listed above, there are an additional 9 titles listed as available for pre-order or still in development. The most notable of these is Age of Rust, which we have fully reviewed in another article

Here is a brief description of the other 8 games that are coming soon.

Jaws of Extinction – A survival horror game that takes place on the fictional island of Eden-Nadir

Atomic Heart – An action RPG. The setting is an alternate reality where the Soviet Union never collapsed

Grimshade – A turn-based strategy game featuring gear that unlocks new abilities

ExoTanks MOBA – A multiplayer online battle arena and tank shooter

Save Your Nuts – A whimsical action game featuring squirrels

BOSSGARD – A casual multiplayer PvP game. Intended to be played at parties or with friends

BattleRush 2 – A WWII-style shooter

Botva – A humorous strategy game. Be a pig (literally) who competes for control of the realm


The Abyss is still a small platform with only a few games. And while players can earn rewards by referring others to its games, there is no guarantee that the rewards will be worth the time invested.

We wouldn't recommend the idea of buying or downloading Abyss games just for the rewards.

Still, The Abyss does have a wide variety of inexpensive games available. So if you're on the hunt for something new to play, you might want to check out some of the game descriptions to see if you think any are worth buying.

If you do find a title that is fun to play, be sure to tell others about it. Not only will this earn you tokens, but it will also help players to discover fun games.

If you don't find any games you like on The Abyss, however, try browsing our full catalog of blockchain game reviews. We add new ones each week, so there may be something in there you find interesting.

What do you think of the idea of a gaming distribution platform with crypto rewards? Is this an excellent use of blockchain technology? Or is it just a gimmick?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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