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Taurion Review – Early Demo First Look



Taurion is a hybrid RTS/space MMO on the Xaya platform. Like all games on the Xaya platform, it runs in a completely decentralized manner.

There is no central computer that Taurion connects to. Instead, all game logic is processed by either Xaya full nodes or the players themselves.

A full public release of Taurion is not yet available. But a playable tech demo of the game does exist. So players who want to try out an early version can do so right now.

This article will explain the central gameplay features of Taurion, including the gameplay map, player character skills, combat stances, buildings, prospecting, mining, and more.

We will also explain how you can try out the current tech demo of Taurion if you are interested in learning more.

Taurion story and background

Taurion takes place in a distant future. Thousands of years ago, the Great Exodus occurred. All of humanity fled planet Earth and settled in the current star system, light years away from the human homeworld.

The houses of humanity

There were originally twelve clans or “houses” of humans. But only three completed the exodus. The other nine houses have mysteriously disappeared.

House Ephrati colonized planet Verdis. Verdis is a lush world teeming with life, but it’s also filled with poisonous creatures and large, deadly beasts.

House Jodun colonized the harsh, volcanic world of Lionus. The Jodun people have been known ever since as a strong, yet often cruel clan.

House Reubo colonized the ocean-filled planet Aquarion. Forced to live on the sea, The Ruebo people have always chosen to use technology to overcome the difficulties of life.

The discovery of Taurion

These three houses have recently discovered a coded transmission from a nearby planet. This planet is hidden behind the plasma sheath of a brown dwarf star.

Each of the houses sent an expedition to the planet to find out where this transmission was coming from. They were unable to discover the source, but what they did find shocked them.

First, the expeditions discovered that the planet was full of harvestable resources – enough to make the people of any colony rich beyond their wildest dreams. 

Second, ancient buildings were discovered with technology that had hitherto been lost to humanity. And writings were found, some of which were in an ancient human tongue called “Taurion.” Since this discovery, all humans have begun to call the planet by the name of this ancient language.

Each of the expeditions have sought to mine the resources of Taurion and unearth whatever technologies can be found there. So far, there has been peace between the three houses.

But as more and more mining expeditions begin to move across the surface of the planet, the three houses come into contact with each other more often. Tensions simmer, and no one knows how long the peace will last.

Taurion gameplay

The objective of Taurion is to mine resources from the planet and gain wealth. But to do this, players must level up six different skills as they send units to prospect for resources.

Meanwhile, they must fend off attacks from rival players that want to capture resources for themselves.


taurion map

The map of Taurion is 8,129 x 8,129 hexagonal tiles. This means that there is a total of 66,080,641 tiles for the entire planet.

Some tiles cannot be entered by player’s units. These are tiles that contain quicksand, vehicles, mountains, or buildings.

The entire map is divided into “regions” of 100 hexagonic tiles.

Vehicles can move at varying speeds, from  0.001 to 20 tiles per turn.

Player accounts

To create an account with the game, the player must register a name using either the Xaya wallet or the game itself.

This name serves as the player character in the game. It is the commander of all of the units that it controls.


Each player character begins the game at level 1 in each of the following six skills:







Each of these skills can be leveled by using them. For example, a commander can gain harvesting skill levels by successfully mining resources and combat skill levels by successfully killing other players’ units.

The higher the skill, the greater benefits that can be obtained. For example, a commander with a higher-level skill in crafting can create more powerful equipment than one with a lower level, and a higher-level in vehicles allows the player character to use faster and more powerful vehicles.

Commanders can also gain special skills such as cloaking, speed boost, trap bombs, snares, and shield regenerators.

Combat stance

The player can order his units to take up a particular “combat stance.” This will allow his units to respond to threats without needing a direct order from him. 

Units can be told to either attack all enemy and neutral units in their path or to only attack enemy units.


taurion vehicles

There are no “infantry” units in Taurion. All units consist of some type of vehicle. 

Vehicles possess many different stats, including armor, shields, shield regeneration rate, speed, damage resistance, attack range, number of equipment slots, and more.


Buildings in Taurion are either ancient buildings that are found on the map or player buildings that are constructed by players.

Regardless of type, all buildings contain a marketplace where resources and items can be bought and sold.

Players can store assets in the buildings they produce. But player buildings can take damage.

If a building’s HP goes to zero, it is destroyed. In this case, 50-90% of the assets it contains are destroyed, and the other 10-50% drop to the ground and can be looted by whoever destroyed it.

Player buildings also provide further benefits depending on the type. For example, refineries convert iron ore into iron, construction facilities make it easier to craft items, and vehicle bays make it easier to repair and construct new vehicles.



The first step to mining a resource is to prospect for it. To do this, a player must first move a unit into a region that has never been prospected before or that has not been mined for a period of time.

Once the region is prospected, the player receives information as to the type of resource available in the region, the amount of the resource, and how long it takes the resource to replenish.


Once a player has prospected a region, he can send units to mine it. Over time, each unit fills up with ore, and this ore must be delivered either to a refinery or to a marketplace to be sold. 

Meanwhile, enemy units can attack the transport and capture some of the ore for themselves, allowing the rest to be destroyed.

How to install and play Taurion

Installing and setting up the Taurion tech demo takes a bit more time than your usual space MMO. So if you’re interested in playing it, here is a guide to getting it set up as quickly as possible.

Installing Xaya

To play Taurion, you’ll first need to download and install the Xaya wallet. To do this, navigate to the official Taurion tech demo page and click the link below where it says “download the latest version of Xaya here.”

installing xaya

Once it finishes downloading, load the program to install Xaya.

The Xaya installation program will ask if you want to download the blockchain. Select yes. This will prevent you from having to wait as long for the wallet to sync with the blockchain.

When Xaya first opens, you will see the word “synchronizing” at the bottom of the screen. There will also be a partially filled green bar. Wait until the green bar is completely full before you do anything else.

If this process fails to complete or if you get a “failed to fetch” error, read the next section. Otherwise, skip the next section and move on to “Setting up the Xaya wallet,” below.

How to fix the Type Error: Failed to Fetch problem

In our testing on a Windows computer, we encountered an error message that said “TypeError: Failed to fetch” on our first attempt to sync to the blockchain.

If this happens to you, here is a solution we found that seems to work. If you do not get any errors, feel free to skip this section.

We found that uninstalling Xaya and reinstalling did not solve the problem. This is because the uninstall program leaves behind a folder inside of the Windows %programfiles% and %appdata% folders. The only way we found to solve this problem was to take the following steps:

  1. Uninstall Xaya using Control Panel
  2. Search for %program files% using the Windows search bar
  3. Open the %programfiles% folder and scroll down until the Xaya subfolder is found
  4. Delete the Xaya subfolder
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 using %appdata% instead of %programfiles%, deleting the Xaya subfolder when found
  6. Reinstall Xaya

We found that whatever was causing the “failed to fetch” error message disappeared once we completely deleted the program and reinstalled.

If this doesn’t fix the problem, or if you encounter a different error message, contact the developers at the official Xaya forum.

Setting up the Xaya wallet

Once the client is synced to the blockchain, click the big, red encrypt wallet button.

xaya wallet

Make up a password for the wallet. You will see a message saying that you will not be able to recover this wallet if you lose the password.

Xaya does not use HD wallets. So there are no “seed phrases” to write down. If you lose your password and have no backup file, you will lose all of your collectibles and accounts.

Put in your password twice and hit OK both times. A message will display that says “Processing…please wait.” After a minute or two, the Xaya software will suddenly close. When this happens, it means you have successfully chosen a password and encrypted your wallet.

Restart the wallet software to continue.

Backing up the Xaya wallet

Because there are no seed words in Xaya, it is highly recommended that you backup your wallet. Here are the steps for doing so:

1. Test out your encryption by clicking the big, red unlock wallet button in the upper-right corner. If you can enter your password and access your wallet, move on to step 2. Otherwise, start over.

2. Click settings

3. Select wallet backup

wallet backup

4. Navigate to the place where you want to save your backup file

5. Click select folder

6. After receiving the message that your vault is backed up, click OK

Following these steps creates a .DAT file on your computer that contains information needed to restore your wallet if your device crashes.

This file should be copied to another secure device or even to multiple devices in your home, but should not be made accessible to anyone who might want to steal your collectibles.

Once you’ve installed and backed up your Xaya wallet, it’s time to install the actual Taurion game.

Installing Taurion

Here are the steps for installing the actual Taurion pre-alpha game client.

1. Navigate to the Taurion tech demo page

2. Scroll down and click the link beside latest > competition build >>>>

installing taurion

3. Open the file when it downloads

4. Choose the folder you would like to extract the installation files into. The extraction process will create a Taurion subfolder specifically for these files. There is no need to create a new folder for the game manually

zip file

5. Click extract and wait for all of the files to be extracted into the folder

6. Open the new Taurion folder. You’ll see an application file called TaurionInstaller and four other files called TaurionInstaller-1, TaurionInstaller-2, etc. Click the application file that has no numbers beside it

installer file

7. Click next repeatedly to agree to the terms, accept warnings, choose an installation path, etc.

8. Push the install button to finish installing, then click finish

9. Taurion will launch in full screen mode and cool sci-fi music will play

setting up

Setting up Taurion

When the Taurion tech demo first loads, a message at the bottom of the screen will say catching up and will list the number of blocks that your copy of the game has synchronized to. You will need to wait until it says GSP is ready to play before registering a name or starting to play.

Once the game has synced with the Xaya wallet, take the following steps to set up Taurion.

1. Click apply here in the upper-right corner to register an account.

apply here

2. Fill out the form on the webpage and confirm your email address

3. Go back into Taurion and enter your email address and desired character name in the upper-right corner, then click claim.


4. Wait approx. two minutes for your starter pack to process, then click select name and choose the name you just registered. The game will begin.

Playing Taurion

When you begin the game, you’ll see a map of a desert landscape. The camera can be moved right, left, forward and backward using the D, A, W, and S keys.

It can be zoomed out by scrolling forward using the scroll wheel and zoomed in by scrolling backward (the opposite direction of most games).

The starter pack comes with three units. In the upper-left corner, you will see the name pane. Within this pane is a set of icons corresponding to the units you own.

three units

Clicking any of these icons will cause your camera to move to that unit’s location. From there, you can click on the unit and then click another tile to highlight a path for the unit to move along until it reaches its destination.

unit location movement

In the upper-left corner is a series of icons that toggle various information windows. Click the icon that looks like a spinning gear to allow the movement button to show.

spinning gear

This will cause a green button to show on the screen. Push this button to move your unit.

Purple triangles will now show the path that you entered.

Once the network processes this game move, your unit will be shown in the new location.


To have your unit prospect for resources, click the radar icon on top of the movement pane.


In our testing, we kept getting a “region is owned” error message every time we tried to prospect. And we couldn’t determine where we needed to move to in order to find unowned regions.

Because we could not find any unowned regions, we were also unable to participate in vehicle combat or anything really fun like that.

So we were unable to adequately test out the game’s features.

Taurion conclusion: Still too early to tell if it will be fun or not

We found that Taurion is in a very early stage of development. The process for setting it up is extremely complex and time-consuming. And the controls for the game are often counterintuitive at this early stage.

We also were unable to test out mining or vehicle combat in the demo. So we don’t know if these features of the game will be compelling or not.

The developer for Taurion has stated that “this is in no way what the game will be like on release.” So it may be that the player interface and installation process will be made more user-friendly in the future.

In this article, we’ve explained the major gameplay features of Taurion. We hope this information has helped you to decide whether to get involved with the game further.

If you’re looking for even more new blockchain games to play, you may want to check our full list of reviews.

Will you be trying out the Taurion tech demo? Or will you be waiting until a more polished version is released? Let us know in the comments below!

We would especially like to hear from any of you that have managed to mine some resources or even get into combat in the game.

If you’ve managed to get the full experience of Taurion gameplay, let us know what you think of it.

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