Chromia: The Scalable Blockchain for MMOs

Chromia is a gaming blockchain and platform currently in development. Chromia is designed to solve the scalability problem and allow complex games to be entirely hosted on the blockchain.

Matic Network: Are Side Chains the Solution to Scalability?

The Matic Network is a proposed solution to the problem of scalability in Dapps. It uses Proof of Stake (PoS) checkpoints on an Ethereum sidechain. This article will explain...

The Six Dragons: Fantasy Adventure on the Blockchain

The Six Dragons is a blockchain-backed Open World RPG currently in development. It features a fantasy background that includes six evil dragons (hence the name) who have corrupted the world and turned...

Loom Network Review – DPoS Sidechain for Games & Dapps

The developers of Neon District and Axie Infinity have announced that that these games will soon be run on the Loom Network. But what exactly is the Loom Network? How does it...