BareHand Joins Enjin’s Blockchain Ecosystem With Successful Kickstarter

Enjin has successfully onboarded another game into their blockchain ecosytstem - Cede. Barehand LLC has recently announced the integration of NFTs which is a positive sign for the gaming...

Enjin’s First Multiverse Cross-Game Event – The Cyborg Quest

Anyone familiar with blockchain gaming knows that the defining features are true asset ownership, true scarcity, and the ability to use items across games. Enjin has long discussed the idea of a "multiverse" and...

Rumor Confirmed – Microsoft Announces “Azure Heroes” Tokens Backed by Enjin

Recently, some members of the Enjin community uncovered what looked like Microsoft tokens on Enjin has been completely silent on this and did not reveal whether this was...

Enjin Coin News – The Gaming Cryptocurrency (UPDATED)

If you’ve been trying to keep up with the latest developments in blockchain gaming, you’ve probably heard of Enjin Coin, an inter-platform cryptocurrency token designed for online games.

Arena Match: Blockchain-Backed Esports Betting – Is it Even Legal?

Arena Match is an Esports betting app that uses Enjin-backed tokens for all bets. It allows players to bet on “skill based challenges” against the house or against other players.

The Enjin Monolith is Worth Over 1 Million ENJ – Can You Find It?

The Enjin Monolith is a unique and secret digital collectible that is worth over 1,000,000 Enjin Coin (ENJ) or over $152,000 at the time this article is being written.