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Cooped Up and Gaming? Might as Well Blaze The Blockchain Game Trail


What if all the time you put into video games could actually earn you an asset?

If you’re going to be cooped up for weeks playing video games, wouldn’t you rather come out with something to show for it?

Blockchain gaming has changed the way we think about gaming and the time spent “grinding” and mindlessly playing for entertainment.

You can now play to earn a crypto or blockchain asset that is undeniably yours, can be traded on the market, used in another game, and could ultimately be scarce in the future.

Early adopters will plunder early.

The Loot is Yours, Dude

If you are brand new to blockchain games, read our beginner’s guide and explanation here.

You will learn that the idea of “owning” items within a game has forever changed.

In blockchain gaming, when you grind and discover an item, it really is yours until you decide to sell it or give it away.

The game developer can’t take it away from you. Even if the game dies, it could still be used in another game that accepts it.

Melt Game Items into Cryptocurrency

What if you can grind dungeons, earn items, melt them into cryptocurrency, exchange for dollars, and buy a pizza.

This is entirely possible.

Anyone that follows the juggernaut Enjin knows what has been cooking on their end, and it is going to be massive.

Enjin coin is an ERC-20 token that is required to create fungible or non-fungible blockchain items. These digital, provably scarce items are then used in a video game, whether that be in the form of a broad sword or a playing card.

If you don’t understand the idea of NFTs, read this guide by OpenSea co-founder Devin Finzer.

Trading Cards – Magic the Gathering, But Digital, and Not Hearthstone

Think about Magic the Gathering physical cards and their scarcity/value.

Take this system and make it digital, so instead of a physical card, you have a digital card, and it cannot be faked or duplicated.

Some purists are going to thumb their nose at the idea of owning “digital” cards, but for those with an open mind, it’s actually quite exciting.

With blockchain you can be 100% certain that there is a “1 of 1” card. Only one person would be able to use it in the game.

Games You Should Trail Blaze

Most people are too lazy to spend the time researching what games to play, so we did the work for you.

Here we list some blockchain trading card games that you should try while confined to your home prison cell.

Splinterlands – Quick Games, Addicting, Well Managed


This is a very well developed and enjoyable card game that is currently top tier. The design is great, the matches are quick, and there is enough variety to keep you interested.

While playing the game, you have an ongoing chance to win additional cards, or purchase new cards from the current edition. After the edition set is gone, there will never be any more. This creates a market as time goes on.

You can randomly pull tiers of cards from common to legendary, and also gold foil varieties which are even more rare.

The marketplace is incredibly easy to use, and you can even delegate your cards to others using the internal trading system.

Splinterlands just unveiled a mobile version which is great because the quick nature of matches means you can squeeze in a round any time you like, such as waiting for the bus.

Again – think play to earn, time spent more wisely…

Gods Unchained – “Blockchain Hearthstone”

gods unchained

Gods Unchained is very similar to Hearthstone, except that you own your cards, and this could potentially have many benefits in the future. Obtaining rare cards could bring a lucrative haul if there is a major market for them later on.

Last year they received a 15 million dollar investment and continue to make improvements, additions to the lore, and a number of overall polishings that makes it a must try for any fan of trading card games.

Just look at the eye popping numbers on some of the earliest “Mythic” cards traded at auction:

Hyperion – $62,000 (notice the comparison to a Magic the Gathering Black Lotus)

Atlas – $31,000

Getting into a game like this early enough could literally pay dividends.

Skyweaver – Gods Unchained Competitor


I happened to enter the Skyweaver live in-person tournament during NFT NYC, with zero experience.

In the first round I got absolutely destroyed by the eventual winner of the tournament, but I still enjoyed the few seconds of life that I had.

This game is similar to Gods Unchained and many fans of TCGs will likely enjoy it.

Skyweaver recently got a $5 million investment and are well on their way to compete in this emerging space.

Forgotten Artifacts – “Blockchain Diablo”

forgotten artifacts

Think Diablo but you can keep the items when you’re done.


You will leave the game with swords and axes in your inventory, which can be sold on external markets, and may eventually be used in other games.

Forgotten Artifacts has also been one of the leaders in “multiverse” play where they accept NFTs found in your Enjin wallet, using them in a number of ways.

For example, if you owned an Enjin Epochrome Sword, you could use it in Forgotten Artifacts.

And by the way, the Epochrome Sword was not created for any game in particular…

A blockchain sword. You can own this without even playing a game.

It was simply created. A thing floating in the blockchain universe.

The team at Forgotten Artifacts knows this, so they decided Epochrome Sword owners could use it in their game. They know who owns it but scanning the users Ethereum address.

If this doesn’t make sense, you need to understand how Ethereum and NFTs work.

If you don’t understand Ethereum, you should probably start with Bitcoin!

Imagine if you raided dungeons in World of Warcraft and all the epic loot you found was extremely rare and desirable for use in other games, or in other ways outside the game.

Now you are starting to see the potential here.

Why You Should Stream Blockchain Games & Blaze the Trail

This space is so new and emerging. It is extremely ripe for charismatic streamers who can take some of these projects and start showcasing them to the world.

It’s fun and novel, and there will be little to no competition as of right now.

Build Stuff. Earn Stuff

If you are going to be cooped up inside playing video games, you might as well earn and you might as well build a channel.

Broadcast your new adventure to the world, and follow the lead of Crypto Stache and Kenn Bosak.

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