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Street Fighter NFT Cards Launch on WAX – Next BIG Brand to Drop NFTs


NFTs continue to explode in popularity as more and more brand IPs are coming online.

Capcom's Street Fighter officially launches their card packs using WAX blockchain today 2/18/21 at 12 EST.

This follows the release of other major brands like Topps Garbage Pail Kids.

The cards will be available for 24 hours, with no apparent supply cap. Once the cards are sold, that might be all you can get for the Series 1 release without going to the third party markets.

Cards will supply collectors with “build” cards, which need to be combined to form the character cards such as Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, and Blanka.

Combing cards continues to level them up, making them more unique, rare, and “powerful.”

You need to open a WAX wallet to collect cards.

It is unknown what these cards will be worth, or a price prediction for 2021 or 2022.

If successful, I would expect a Series 2 and 3 to follow shortly after!

Capcom and other major brands may be looking to drops as an additional source of revenue, and who can blame them?

The Street Fighter NFT launch got off to a rocky start, with no one being able to buy packs for the first hour or more of the launch due to the site being overloaded or other traffic capacity issues.

Street Fighter Card Minting Explained

Now that the packs can be opened and cards minted, we will explain how it works.

Build Cards – You need two build cards to create an actual card that comes in the following rarities:

  • Collectors Edition (1%) – Not all characters have this drop chance. Only the classic characters seem to have it.
  • Action – 5% chance
  • Weld – 10% chance
  • Battle – 15% chance
  • Foil – 25% chance
  • Base – 44% chance

Cards are minted on the fly as people combine build cards. The mint number is displayed on the card details within the asset profile.

ryu wax card collectors edition

When crafting, you can choose to power up cards you received (non-build cards) by adding one more build card and combining it.

This gives you the same card, but increases its power up until a maximum of 5.

Once you reach 5, you then have the opportunity to mint Class Cards which also come in the same rarities listed above

street fighter wax class card

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