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Splinterlands Tournaments Now Live!


steem monsters tournaments

Steem Monsters tournaments are now live!

If you read our review, you know that this is currently one of our favorite blockchain games simply due to an excellent user experience.

This game continues to lead the pack in playability, use-ability, and engaged players.

Custom tournaments can now be created and sponsored by anyone for a very small fee.

The process is super simple whether you join a game or create your own.

Joining a game allows you to enter at any time, followed by an early check-in some time before the battles start.

Skill limits are set which determine the level and power of the cards used (Novice through Diamond). You can also set a cap on the number of players or set it to infinite!

When creating a tournament, it is extremely easy to set the number of rounds, best-of series limits, and a number of other features.

Players can be rewarded with Steem, or you can promise to put cards on the line and deliver them safely to the victor.

Sponsors can get their logo and website listed along with their tournament which is a great way to get some branding in front of users that clearly enjoy the crypto gaming and non-fungible token Dapps.

What's great about this is that you can organize an online Meetup and have players join from around the world, similar to how you might host a local Magic the Gathering meet up.

Now that the gaming world is moving onto the blockchain, this is a no brainer feature that many games will likely copy.

And because it runs on the Steem Blockchain, the cryptocurrency can be used to enter tournaments or reward players. Payouts can be divided up based on placing first, second, third, etc.

We like to arrange battles where there's only one winner!

Keep an eye out for some tourneys sponsored by Castle Crypto and you might find some creative rule sets that we come up with!

For example, “Throat Slitters” will be an ongoing series that comprises only single-elimination matches, with only one winner at the end.

See you in the arena!

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