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Steem Drug Wars – Drugs Are Good, MmKay? Unless It’s a Ponzi…


Updated March 21, 2019

A new game was announced on Steemit – Drug Wars – Get Paid to Rule your World.

Now, a new token “FUTURE” is being announced which is incredibly suspect.

Video Review – March 2019


  • No instructions on what the hell to do
  • Very BETA mode available at the time of this writing
  • Seems fun and addicting
  • Earn Steem over time…?
  • Discord chat full of bug reports
  • Could be a ponzi scheme

Back in the day, there used to be this game you could play on your TI-86 calculator called Drug Wars.

It was basically an style, “investment” type game where you build up resources over time, make decisions, and the find out what the consequences were later on.

It seems that this idea has returned in the form of a blockchain game using Steem as the cryptocurrency.

Right out of the gate, the first thing to mention is that there is absolutely no guidance on what the hell you are supposed to do (unless I missed it somewhere along the line).

You pick a character from the starting screen, all of which have a funny little description. Naturally, most people probably pick the character they most relate to in some weird way.

So far this character seems to be nothing more than an avatar, but it's too early to tell as the playable version seems to be a very early BETA as the url to access the game is on a subdomain called “staging” and there's a notice in the bottom left of the screen that this is “early access.”

early access notice

From here, there is literally no tutorial.

I found myself saying “what the hell is going on,” chuckling as I read through the “missions” on what I am supposed to do to crank out drugs.

Drug Production – Aim of the Game

There is a running ticker at the top of the page which tells you how much drugs, weapons, and alcohol you are producing per day based on your investment decisions.

drug guns alcohol production

On the right side is a panel that displays the daily “prizes” which include a straight Steem payout and a Heist payout, which appears to be some sort of bonus you can earn on the side.

There is also something called “Search Warrant” which is grayed out and is possibly related to Battles, which we will get to in a minute.

Bonus Heist Play

daily heist

In order to get bonus Steem from a heist, it seems like you need to invest drugs you have produced.

This could be a strategic decision if you happen to have a surplus stash.

As time moves on, you can upgrade your buildings (operational bonuses) drug production (speed of production, defense), weapon production (speed, defense) and alcohol production (speed, defense).

Over time you start cranking out more drugs, produce more weapons, and distill more booze.

These resources can then be reinvested into more upgrades, or can be used to buy henchman units that will fight for you.

As of the time of this writing, the battle section is disabled.

Battles Disabled as of February 18th 2019

drugwars battles
Battles were disabled possibly due to bugs or maintenance.

It must be possible to attack other players through the Battles tab, but currently that option is not available.

Engaging in fights likely leads to bountiful rewards or brutal losses, but I currently am unable to find out so I'll need to come back and edit this section later.

Many of the games features are listed as “coming soon” so it's possible that the game is in such an early stage that you can only play a bare bones form.

features coming soon
Recruitable units “coming soon.”

This is somewhat disappointing, as I would like to play a more complete game, that offers a bit of a walkthrough and tutorial section.

There is a button labeled “About Drugwars” that is currently not even clickable.

about the game

Bottom Line…of Blow…

The game seems like it might be an addicting riot to play, but at the same time feels like a sloppy roll out.

If this is super early beta access, I would have kept signups a little tighter instead of letting in a bunch of players that might be turned off by the bugs and lack of features.

There are also random typos all over which again, make it look sloppy.

Right now I honestly don't even know what to make of this game yet. I burned some Steem to crank out some drugs, but who knows if that will ever pay off…

Is it a scam? Money and time suck?

Good question. Considering there are no smart contracts at play here, I am not sure how the payouts will work or be enforced. I guess there will be an element of trust for the time being, but in the crypto space, isn't that what we're trying to avoid?

It's also possible that it's a ponzi scheme, taking in Steem payments from players only to pay out other players as they play the game.

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  1. Hello there, I read your review of Drugwars, and 4 months have past since you posted that review, I was wondering what you think now? Its changed a lot, for the better. And now you can earn steem, by trading the Future you earn daily, on an internal market.

    I play it, I like it. Its not revolutionary, but I check in at least a few times a day to “play” it.

    Anyways, happy to have discovered your site. Thank you Brave Browser ads.


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Seems great and nostalgic, but the current playable version leaves you wondering what the hell to do. Many features disabled. Review will be updated upon release of new features.Steem Drug Wars - Drugs Are Good, MmKay? Unless It's a Ponzi...