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Staker App Review – The Best Way To Stake HEX Crypto Blockchain CD


HEX is easily one of the most interesting and innovative cryptocurrencies out there. Most people think it's a scam, because they have done no research and generally parrot others who do no research.

We initially reviewed HEX well before it even launched and have been following it ever since.

The idea is simple – you lock up your HEX tokens, which gives you something called T-Shares. The more T-Shares you have, the more HEX interest is paid to you daily.

The T-Share system ensures that longer stakes always pay more than shorter stakes that keep re-.

User Experience – Crypto's Biggest Problem

Almost everyone can agree that using , , ERC-20 tokens, and even NFTs is not user or beginner friendly.

After a learning curve, most people are set. Few take the time to really learn , , staking, and other essential crypto skills.

Staker App – A Community Made Project

Staker App is made directly by the HEX community, which is one of the most enthusiastic and active in all of crypto.

The goal is simple – make it super easy to onboard new users, giving them the ability to buy HEX, stake HEX, and create ladder stakes.

A ladder stakes in HEX is defined as creating multiple stakes, spacing them out by time.

An example might be creating a one year stake, a two year stake, a three year stake, all the way up to fifteen years.

This is so that you always have stakes maturing where you can take some profits or re-stake.

Staker app lets you do all of this at the push of a button, which is far more convenient that setting them up one by one.

The app tracks your HEX stakes as they mature, displaying the interest you have earned, when your stakes are expiring, and even the gamified “league” that you are in, based on how many T-Shares you own.

The app is free to use!

It is super convenient and quite frankly, addicting.

Keep an eye on your HEX stakes, easily create a new staking ladder, and onboard friends and family in seconds.

Download Staker App for Free

Simply visit their website and select your device here.

You can also scan this QR code with a device to go directly to the download page.

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