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Square Enix is Stealth Minting Final Fantasy NFTs on Enjin Blockchain


The blockchain reveals all.

While sleuthing around on .io, Castle Crypto's researchers have confirmed that Square Enix's verified profile has been quietly mass-minting new NFTs on Blockchain.

Square Enix
square enix final fantasy nfts

It's notable that an official partnership with Enjin was announced in 2022, which led to the launch of Square Enix's debut Final Fantasy collection. Now it looks like they are ready to build upon their momentum to launch Volume 2, along with 23 other new collections already queued up.

Yesterday, the Square Enix NFT.io profile experienced massive amounts of new activity, minting hundreds of NFTs for the highly acclaimed Final Fantasy series.

It seems that some of the most popular gaming characters in the world, like Tifa, Aerith, and Barret are joining Cloud as Collectibles on the Enjin Blockchain.

cloud, aerith, sephiroth, barret nfts

This happens to coincide with the launch of Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, which was released just a week ago and is already critically acclaimed for its visual splendor, entertaining story, and innovative new combat system.

cloud strife nft
Cloud Strife NFT Collectible
Sephiroth NFT collectible
Sephiroth NFT collectible
aerith nft collectible
Aerith NFT Collectible

All things considered, this shows that Square Enix is doubling down on their blockchain strategy, looking to solidify itself as a dominant player in the next evolution of gaming. It also reveals that this top-tier AAA Studio may have selected Enjin Blockchain as their NFT platform of choice.

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Understanding Square Enix's high standards of innovation and empathy for players, the next questions we have to ask are:

  • What utility will these NFTs have?
  • What benefits will they provide players? 
  • Will they be usable in games?
  • Will they start rewarding their players with NFTs?
  • Will they utilize Enjin Beam QR codes to onboard new players via social media, gamer streams, events, or even billboards?

We can't know for sure, but we here at Castle Crypto are eagerly anticipating the realization this respected studio's vision, as they continue to chart a bigger and brighter future for the players around the world.

I for one would immediately purchase a Square-Enix AAA game that implemented Enjin Blockchain with collectibles, wearables, in-game weapons, and more!

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