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Splinterlands Runi PFP Project is Now Minting!


Splinterlands announced a project on about 2 months ago, and minting has begun.

To start, you need to be on the allowlist to begin minting. To be on the allowlist you needed to have bought Runi Component Kits or were awarded a spot. Public minting does not start until 11/3/2022.

This is the very FIRST Splinterlands generative character card! Each Runicore (“Runi” for short) is a unique one-of-a-kind magical construct.

No Runi looks like any other Runi. The Rune Crafters and Technomancers are ready to create your Runi, venture forth and mint now! There are over a billion possible combinations.

During the Whitelist Minting phase, all whitelist participants will have advanced access to minting their Runi on the OpenSea platform. During this period, all levels of whitelist will be honored.

Make sure you are on the page with the blue checkmark!

splinterlands runi opensea

This includes Runi Component Kit owners, promotional recipients, and contest winners. All relevant reservations, discounts, or credits will be applied at the time of minting.

All whitelist participants are encouraged to mint their Runi BEFORE the general sale on 11/03/2022. Once the general sale commences, there will no longer be a guaranteed reservation to mint and all minting opportunities becomes first come, first serve.

In addition, Runi will soon be playable within the game!

A new in-game interface will allow players to stake and delegate their Runi to be used in battle! Once the Mint phase is over, the Runi management screen will be introduced shortly thereafter.

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