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Splinterlands Review & How-To Guide – This Best Blockchain Game Around!


  • Start with USD ($) or Crypto
  • Buy cards in marketplace with USD or DEC
  • Easy learning curve
  • Plenty of players – matches start quickly
  • Engaging and fun
  • Massive activity on State of the DApps

How to Start a Game and Play Splinterlands


Watch this video to get a great idea of gameplay and rules


Unlike most crypto or blockchain games, this one is actually available to play right now with live opponents to battle!

Splinterlands is a collectible, tradable and bet-able digital card game that utilizes the blockchain.

You can purchase packs of these cards with cryptocurrencies or even PayPal and wager them in matches with friends to potentially earn money.

Let me show you how to sign up or log in and start playing today. 

Here on the home screen, you can see you can get started in the game and start playing Splinterlands right now, a truly decentralized digital collectible trading card game built on the HIVE blockchain.


The beta is live and you can start playing the game today. It is HIVE powered where you can buy, sell and trade your cards on the in-game exchange.

Now if you're curious where the monsters hail from, it's the Splinterlands, and there are many different type of monsters to choose from.

So choose yours wisely and you may find glory on the battlefields, fame on the leader boards and fortune in the grand tournaments.

Now why are they utilizing blockchain technology? It's because it's fast and free.

It provides scarcity, true asset ownership and verifiable results, all utilizing cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

Now, why don't we join the fight and I can show you how to log in and create an account today?

In order to log in and play you're going to need a HIVE account. You're going to need to provide your HIVE account and your private posting key.

Or, if you don't have a HIVE account Splinterlands will make one for you.

Now if you're not sure how to get to your HIVE account's private posting key, there is a step-by-step guide on how to find your private posting key and it's very easy.

If you do not have a HIVE account, you can create one as well here by purchasing a starter pack of Splinterlands called the Summoner's Spellbook or the newly released Chaos Legion.

Here, I'll show you how easy. All you have to do is provide them with a desired username. Make sure that the name is available as it is and you can generate a password.

Make sure that you keep this master password private. This is for video demonstration purposes. 

Now you have to agree to the terms and services. Understand that this starter pack does cost $10 and you will be getting a HIVE account with this.

steem monsters starter pack

You can pay for it with credit card, PayPal or cryptocurrencies. Now once you have selected your username and you have your password, go ahead and log in.

After creating your HIVE account, you can log into Splinterlands and check out the Menus tab in the top left corner.

You'll see Buy, Option, Market, Collection, Battle and Frequently Asked Questions. Here on the Buy window we have Send Gift Card, where you can send your friend a gift card.

Just give them your friend's name, your friend's email address, your name and a message from you to them, how much you would like to send and how you would like to purchase it – with your credit card or PayPal or with cryptocurrencies.

Each booster pack is $2 each and with a little over half a million packs remaining, it does create scarcity, making each more powerful card more valuable as time goes on.

You can purchase these $2 booster packs either with a gift or promo code, credit card and PayPal or cryptocurrencies and don't forget – each purchase you make, Splinterlands will give you 10% in HIVE power.

So once you have gone ahead and purchased your packs, you can go and open them in the Open Menus tab.

open collectible booster packs for characters

After purchasing your booster packs before opening them you do have the option to send it as a gift. Just provide your friend's HIVE account name here and send as gift.

Now you can open the packs individually or all at once, depending on how many you have.

Let's open a pack and see what we get. Sometimes you get some rare cards, sometimes you may not and there we go. We've got ourselves a rare card!

opening a booster pack

After opening your packs of cards, you can check out your collection in the Collections tab up in the top left. And you see here in the Cards section you have two… three in the top-right corner… two, three, two, two.

card collection and combining cards

This means and indicates that you have multiples of the same card. Here is where you can combine those cards to make them more powerful.

Other indications that you have multiple cards are maybe alpha to beta.

So I have an alpha card. I could convert to a beta and then I could combine it, but for a collector's standpoint, I'll keep my alpha card and I'll keep my beta card. 

Another thing that you can do if you have multiple cards is you can actually sell one on the open market. So you can actually sell one of these cards for cryptocurrencies on the open market.

The collection window also gives you the ability to filter through your cards – through general, type, rarity, element and results – meaning I have 61 out of all 88 cards.

You can even check out which kind of gold card you have. Now that is an amazing way to get to know the cards that you have collected and build the team that's going to lead you to victory.

Now that we have some cards, why don't we go ahead and battle?

Splinterlands battles come in seasons and as you can see, there's sixteen days left in this season and I have already earned my way up to Bronze Level 3, earning me ten cards.

And there are quests as well during these seasons. Like right now you can see “Win five ranked battles with Earth Splinter”, which we also get me another card if I successfully complete that quest. 

How to Play a Battle and Find an Opponent

Now, for battling you can practice. That way you don't lose any points or anything like that.

find an opponent in battle mode

You can play in ranked matches where points do count and you can even challenge a friend directly and wager Splinterlands booster packs. Now, before we start fighting, why don't we learn exactly how to play?

It is imperative to understand the different card types of Splinterlands Monsters if you want to leave the battlefield the victor. There's two types of cards – summoner cards and monster cards – and summoners summon the monsters.

There are six types to choose from when building your team and understanding the card's basics goes a long way on the battlefield. Manna costs, stats, level, experience, rarity, name and abilities all matter greatly out on the battlefield.

building your team

Knowing the stats of your monsters as well and the placement in which you put them and what order – maylay, ranged and magic attacks – all differ from different areas on the field… speed, armor and health as well.

Now each monster has a special ability. Know it and use it to your advantage because some monsters can strike twice each turn! Now when it comes to preparing for battle, there are three things that every warrior must know.

Your summoner, your monsters and the positioning. Once you have understood this, it is time for battle.

Seeking enemy… enemy found. Awesome. Okay guys, as you can see we have three minutes to make our team.

The rules of combat are applying here. We have 27 as our manna cap and 4 out of 6 splinters available for play. Now that you understand the rules of engagement, it's time to make a team.

Some summoners may actually be out of the question and unqualified, like this guy here. He's too powerful for the league we're in, so we're going to have to find a different summoner.

This summoner qualifies, so let's go ahead and choose some monsters.

Now we have to go with the highest manna and the toughest monsters because some actually are disqualified as well, just like the summoner. Some monsters may not qualify.

This guy here, he actually out-powers the summoner. So there is a little strategic maneuvers to advancing your monsters and advancing your summoners at the right time, so you don't get stuck with one sitting on the bench or having to move up in leagues. 

Once you have selected your team, click “battle” and you can sit here and wait for your enemy to either make their team or decide they want to forfeit and surrender the points.

It looks like Antonio15 wants a piece of Kenneth Bosak. Let's give him some on the battlefield of Splinterlands. As you can see, we have the same summoner.

So this is where strategy really plays into effect. Once you're ready, go ahead and click “rumble” and get the battle started. 

Once the battle has begun, that's it, game on! You actually have the ability now to pause the game or play or even fast forward the action; and if you're kind of through with the suspense of the game and you already know you probably won or you're tired of seeing yourself lose, you actually can skip right to the results by clicking here.

live action battle with animations

Winner, winner, chicken dinner… I take the points. I earned 23 points. They lost 23 points and we move up in ranking and up in league. 

All your other questions can be answered in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Check out their FAQ and let me know what you think of SteemMonsters.com in the comments section.

The website for Splinterlands appears to be a safe and well operated blockchain game. We encourage you to give it a try!

Future updates include competitive tournaments and more seasons so stay tuned.

Second Opinion by The Riz!

the riz

I have been playing Splinterlands for a few weeks now and I can say I am fully engaged and addicted.

The game is incredibly easy to start and play, and the learning curve is about a day.

It's exciting to open new cards and right out of the gate the game feels very well balanced and avoids getting repetitive and stale.

The reason is that the game designers did a fantastic job anticipating the fact that some players may resort to the same cards and strategy over and over.

The game mitigates this by randomizing the enforced rules at the start of each battle.

For example, sometimes you cannot use monsters from certain Splinters, such as the fire monsters. This forces you to play with a different deck.

Shakeups in the way cards use their standard abilities are also enjoyable. Sometimes melee monsters gain a new kind of melee attack that you must consider depending on the rules.

Finding Matches

You might think that such a new game would be a desert of player-less matches.

However, I have waited no more than 30 seconds to get right into the next match. This is fantastic for keeping you interested in learning, while being matched up with a player of the appropriate skill level.

Earning New Cards

Working on the daily “quest” also keeps you trying out new Splinters. You might need to stray away from your “all star” lineup to earn new rewards-only cards.

Bottom Line

I second Kenn's glowing review. This game is a lot of fun and currently ranks as my favorite blockchain game. Let's hope the tournaments get packed and the number of players continues to increase!

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  1. Great post. However Splinterlands has turned into a pay to win game with a massive problem with user retention according to state of the dapps. In the last two weeks users have dropped shortly due to the platform and game being heavily mined by bots. New users who just start can’t build their accounts and find a game that takes more and more money for very limited return. It’s also increasingly difficult to find human opponents. Splinterlands studios also falsely report how many real human players they have as a majority of the accounts that are active are bots. It was once a fun game, but user rewards have severely dropped as have active users due to these issues. Splinterlands has also tilted the game against new gamers unless they pay a large sum to get out of the bot ridden lower leagues. It’s not a game to invest in. I’ve been playing since the beginning and it has definitely turned into a cash grab by the devs. I’d advise staying away, unless the game reverts to it’s original format or devises something better. Until then it has become a pay to win game that’s haemorrhaging real players and becoming bot crowded.

  2. Scam game, if you want to lose your money then its fine you play it. If you want to trust me because i already play it, been playing game all my life so far only this game that every aspect on it are design to take your money. If there is crypto “play to earn”, this is not it more like “play to lose your money”. Stay away if you still looking for play to earn game, try to enter new developed game where you still have a chance to make money of it.

      • this game is big scam, only people who have joined in the very beginning, 3 years ago, have been earning money. Everything about this game is designed to make you lose money. You earn minimal amounts of money through battle. But hey!! If you’re in the gold league, you earn a lot, right? Wrong, because you need to invest thousands of dollars every month renting or buying cards so that you can even be part of the higher leagues to begin with. You cant earn by buying cheap cards and reselling them for higher prices. Why is that? because they pay you with credits, that cant be converted to DEC (real money). You can’t earn money buying and renting cards, because the renting prices are ridiculously low. And I have to say, the game is quite fun and strategic (as a game), but as a NFT project, it’s an excuse to steal money from the fools. And btw, you rarely find negative reviews on the internet, why is that? Because the game literally pays you with in-game currency if you go online making videos and praising their scam project. Be smart and stay out of this

        • Much of your feedback is understandable, as anyone early to any project (especially a game) will have a huge advantage. Let’s be real – no one is getting rich or making full time money on NFT games unless you have an entire team of people grinding but even that might not pay much.

          There is an element of luck to Splinterlands of course, as you can grind games, earn rewards, and hope for some rare/gold cards to sell or rent. There is also the PeakMonsters market where DEC is accepted for transactions I believe, which allows you to “cash out” if you want.

          SPS is also airdropped every day based on your current holdings, so if you have been grinding for awhile you will eventually get some SPS which can be converted to other crypto using The Metaverse Exchange (gg.exchange).


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Overall this is a great game and it's immediately playable. Highly recommended if you like online card games, especially those with scarce items.Splinterlands Review & How-To Guide - This Best Blockchain Game Around!