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Are Splinterlands Bots Profitable, or a Problem? Hardcore Players Weigh In


Recently some Splinterlands players have been discussing a controversial topic – using bots to play games and grind, specifically the Archmage bot.

Tales from the Crypt Mancer discusses a specific bot service and how it can help maximize your passive earning potential in Splinterlands while not exploiting loopholes, violating terms of service, or simply extracting value from the game.

As you can see from the above video, many players seem to be in favor of using this bot service when you are not around to play, such as while you sleep.

If I had to offer a flyby opinion, I would say it sort of ruins the integrity of the game, as overtime this could become “the way to play.”

I personally would find it boring as hell to play against only bots.

Here is another take:

Based on the trend here it looks like many players are looking to download and setup a Splinterlands bot for trading, rentals, market moves, and gameplay.

What are your thoughts? Sound off below.

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  1. is .gg domain extension worth getting? They are pricey compared to traditional .com but it’s hard to find a good .com domain

  2. I think Archmage has the right idea.

    In the Galactic Milieu bots a catered to, and from the dound of it the same is true in Splinterlands.

    Think of it as out-sourcing non-player-character artificial intelligence; why bog down your server with all the code to make the natives of your game-universe go about their day-to-day if you can let other machines run them the same way players run their characters?

    And once you see it like that, why make humans hand-hold computers through a game if the computers can be taught to take care of game tasks for themselves so humans can go do other things… Or in the case of a character automating their own characters, allowing the humans to still pop in and do the fun stuff any time they like?

    Teaching one’s computer to play one’s games for one is a game itself, it is like homeschooling one’s own baby robot! 🙂

    Oh yes I like Archmage’s take on it, kudos to them.



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