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Splinterfest 2022 Announced – Oct. 8-9, HyperX Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada


The hit blockchain trading card game, Splinterlands invites you to meet our partners and friends for an exciting 2-day festival to discover tech, enter tournaments, attend talks, and collect swag!

Splinterfest 2022 will take place at HyperX Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 8-9.

Splinterfest is a celebration of the Splinterlands community–the driving force of the Splinterlands game!

This is your chance to experience the HyperX Arena and all of the amazing experiences with other fans of the game!

  • Live tournaments
  • State of the art gaming rigs
  • The first live in-person town hall
  • Panels taking you behind the scenes
  • The ability to connect with other fans

Ticket info:

$300 GA Tickets

$2,000 VIP Tickets

All ticketing goes live in August 2022

Available on Eventbrite via Credit Card / Paypal

Available in-game via SPS / Vouchers

Get a Promo Card (one per attendee)

After the Splinterfest event, a new character “Lux Vega” will be added to the game as a limited edition promo card which will be available for sale in the Splinterlands shop.

It will be a max-level legendary Summoner card and a total of 1,000 of them will be sold for a base price of $1,000 USD each. Each card purchased will also have a 2% chance of being a gold foil version.

Each person who purchases a general admission ticket to Splinterfest will receive a promo code at the event that can be used to reserve a copy of the card and get a $300 discount off of the purchase price.

Each VIP ticket holder will receive a promo code at the event which will allow them to purchase a guaranteed Gold Foil version of the card for a total price of $3,000 ($5,000 base price minus $2,000 discount for the VIP ticket cost).

Please note that the promo codes may be sold or transferred. The stats of the card and more details around the purchase options will be revealed at the event!

This post will be updated as new details emerge.

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