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Spells of Genesis Now Has Ethereum Cards – A New Trend?


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Spells of Genesis (SoG), the blockchain-backed mobile card/arcade game, is now offering cards on Ethereum. There are five different cards available now, and one more is scheduled to be released soon. Previously, SoG cards were only available on BitCrystal.

This article will explore everything known so far about the new Spells of Genesis Ethereum set.

Spells of Genesis

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Spells of Genesis is a browser and mobile game with collectible card and arcade elements. It claims to have been the first mobile blockchain game ever, having been released in 2017.

We reviewed Spells of Genesis back in March, 2019. At the time, we found it to be extremely fun. But we were concerned about the fact that players needed BitCrystal (BCY) to trade SoG cards.

Players will not need BCY to purchase the new Ethereum-backed cards.

Askian: Blockchain History

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The new Ethereum-backed set is called Askian: Blockchain History. It contains six of the most popular premium cards from SoG’s history. 

Four of the cards have already been released and have sold out. These can only be purchased from collectors on OpenSea. A fourth is available from the developer’s official OpenSea account.

One more Askian: Blockchain History card will be released soon.

Here is a list of the five cards currently available.

Vitali Buter Ether Mage 3 speed, 2 attack, 10 health, dark element, card text says “target all 10,” available from collectors

Reckless Footsoldier – 3 speed, 4 attack, 8 health, fire element, card text says “flame 3,” available from collectors

Sir of The Ether – 1 speed, 6 attack, 19 health, ice element, card text says “freeze 2,” available from collectors

Forgers of Dreams – 0 speed, 4 attack, 27 health, light element, card text says “strength all 3,” available from collectors

Colossus of Dao – 0 speed, 2 attack, 25 health, ice element, card text says “freeze 2,” available from the developer until all copies are sold, some collectors are also selling copies

Askian: Blockchain History details

forgers of dreams

Here are a few more pieces of info about the new set.


Currently, players who “blockchainize” a centralized SoG card cannot do so on the Ethereum network. All blockchainized cards are Counterparty/BitCrystal assets. In other words, only premium cards are available on Ethereum.

The developer may allow players to blockchainize cards onto Ethereum at some point in the future.

Future releases

For now, only these six cards will be released on Ethereum. However, if interest in the cards is strong, the developer may eventually “migrate” all cards to it. If so, a swap will take place to allow veteran players to switch their premium cards to the new network.

If a player owns a BitCrystal version of an SoG card, they will never be able to make a copy of the same card on Ethereum without burning the BitCrystal version. 

Currently, players that own the BitCrystal version of a card cannot swap it at all. The Ethereum and BitCrystal versions are completely separate.

It’s possible that future expansions may only be released on Ethereum. It’s also possible that some cards may remain only available on BitCrystal.

Leveled vs. Non-leveled cards

The blockchain doesn’t distinguish between cards that are leveled up or not. So if a player owns two copies of a card, one of which is leveled and one of which is not, selling one causes the game to recognize the player as no longer having the non-leveled copy.

This is true even if the two copies are from different blockchains.

BitCrystal vs. BitCrystal Ethereum

BitCrystal should not be confused with BitCrystal Ethereum. BitCrystal exists on the Counterparty network, which records its data on the Bitcoin blockchain. BitCrystal Ethereum exists on the Ethereum blockchain. 

These two assets can be swapped back and forth using the Casa Tookin Wallet, but they are distinct currencies.

Spells of Genesis – Askian: Blockchain History cards are sold for ETH, not BitCrystal Ethereum.


While many blockchain games have come and gone over the past three years, Spells of Genesis has proven to be capable of attracting and keeping players. Now it is getting its feet wet in the Ethereum game market by offering six of its most popular cards on Ethereum. 

It remains to be seen whether this strategy will catapult SoG to new heights. But for NFT collectors, this is a game worth keeping an eye on.

Tom Blackstone
Tom Blackstone
Tom Blackstone is a former salesperson turned tech writer. Before 2014, he sold video games, computers, home theater systems, and other entertainment products. Since 2014, he has been a full time writer. His previous work includes ICO announcements, articles on the history of cryptocurrency, guides to Kodi addons, and more. He has always enjoyed learning about new technology and helping others to understand it. As a former video game salesperson, he also likes to try out new games and review them for others.


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