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Space Misfits: a Low Poly Space MMO on The Blockchain


space misfits

Space Misfits is a sandbox space currently in development. It features Enjin Coin assets that can be found within the game.

Space Misfits is still in an early stage of development, and many features are yet to be announced. But the developer has given us some information about how the game will be played.

This article will explore what we know so far about Space Misfits and what you can do to learn more.

Space Misfits: a space MMO sandbox

The developer of Space Misfits describes it as a “3D low poly space MMO” and “a complete 3D space sandbox.” This puts it in a similar category to games like EVE Online, Dual Universe, Vendetta Online, and others.

In these games, characters do not gain experience levels from questing or killing enemies. Instead, they are presented with a complex skill tree that branches off in many different directions.

When a player chooses to have his character learn a particular skill, it becomes developed as time passes, regardless of whether the player is online or offline.

Over time, a character becomes specialized in one area of skill. This gives him a unique role in the player-driven economy. And it is this economy that is the focus of the game.

In a space sandbox MMO, some player characters may work as miners. Others may produce goods such as guns, weapons, armor, or ships. Still others may turn to piracy in order to earn an income.

Regardless, most of the action in a sandbox space MMO is player-driven. There is usually no story, experience levels, or any kind of endgame gear progression in a game of this type.

Many players enjoy the freedom provided by a game of this kind. And it is these types of players that Space Misfits will aim for.

Space Misfits trailer

The developer has released a trailer showing off the game's graphics and style of play. It is filled with synthwave music and 1980's style sci-fi imagery.

Some of the scenes show an armor-clad explorer investigating a planet, while others show a spaceship traveling through an asteroid belt.

The graphics in the game certainly don't match up to the quality of EVE Online or other games in this genre.

But it does have its own distinctive “retro” look, which many players may appreciate.

And because it uses “low poly” graphics, the game should run on older, less expensive machines. This is another reason some players may find it attractive.

Space Misfits gameplay

space misfits gameplay

Besides stating that the game is a “space MMO” or “space sandbox,” the developer has also explained some features of the game that will make it unique in this genre. Here are a few of them.

Security system zones

flying through space

Space Misfits will have three security system zones: central, border, and outer. In central areas, players will be mostly safe from pirates and other criminal elements, and PvP will be severely restricted.

However, there will also be less abundant resources in these areas.

Border areas will have less restrictions on PvP and more abundant resources. Outer areas will have the most abundant resources and essentially no restrictions on PvP.

Distress signals

Players in border and central areas who come under attack by pirates will be able to send out a distress signal to nearby players. To do so, the pilot will have to offer up a reward.

Any player that participates in the rescue mission will receive a portion of the reward. But if the pilot doesn't offer a high enough reward, players may be unwilling to come to his rescue.

In this case, his ship may be destroyed by the pirates and looted.

NPC Riot control

In most cases, the distress signal system will prevent pirates from invading central areas. But in case a large army shows up, the game will be programmed to detect this unusual disturbance.

In this case, Riot Control will show up to kill off the pirates. This is a special group of NPCs that is essentially impossible to defeat.

If Riot Control begins defending the area, the pirates' only option to avoid being shot down will be to go into warp mode and flee.

In this case, they will be unable to land on a planet or dock at a space station until a cooldown has finished.

Planet outposts

planet outposts

Players will be able to build outposts on planets. The owners of these outposts will not have to actually participate in the mining process.

Once the outpost is set up, it will automatically produce resources.

However, each outpost will have a capacity. If this capacity is reached, the mining will stop.

In order to prevent this from happening, players will have to pilot freight ships to transport the resources back to a space station.


Players will be able to undergo training to become pilots. If they would rather study something else, they will be able to hire other players to pilot ships for them.

Game currency

Space Misfits will use an in-game currency called bits.

This currency will be earned by capturing the ships of NPC pilots, mining, trading, and other activities.

Avatars and blueprints

avatars and blueprints

Character appearances will be customizable using avatars. Many of these avatars already exist and are available in the game's official store.

There will also be blueprints available that players can use to produce ordnance and ships.

There are currently blueprints for beam laser turrets, burst laser turrets, missile launchers, projectile turrets, fighters, heavy fighters, cruisers, haulers, and miners.

Alien pets

Players of Space Misfits may be able to tame alien species and keep them as pets. And these pets may be used to guard a character's outpost.

The developer has announced this as a possible feature, but has said that there is no guarantee that it will be in the final product.


There will be certain NPCs that a player can hire to help him fight. This has been described both as an “in space combat” system and as “another foot soldier near you keeping you protected.”

So players may be able to use these NPCs in both space and ground fights, or only in one or the other.

Space Misfits RUSH Seasons and Alpha testing

space misfits rush

Space Misfits recently completed its first event, called RUSH Season 1. Players were given a pre-alpha version of the game and told to go explore.

Hidden throughout the gameworld were Enjin-backed collectibles, including blueprints, avatars, and other rare items.

There are plans for a second event, RUSH Season 2, in the near future. And the developer plans on opening the game up to closed alpha testing soon after this event.

If you would like to participate in a future RUSH season or as an alpha tester, navigate to spacemisfits.com and fill out the form at the bottom of the page, then join the game's Discord and Telegram groups to keep up with development.


We don't have enough information yet to decide whether Space Misfits will be a fun game. It's still in an early stage of development, and many details about it are still not known.

But this is what we know so far. We hope this has helped you to make a decision whether to get involved further with this project.

As more information comes out, we will update this page. And once the game is released, we will play it ourselves and tell you what we think of it.

So if you're interested in Space Misfits, keep an eye on this page in the future.

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