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The Six Dragons Announces New Cryptocurrency Token & (Possible) Multiplayer Modes


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The Six Dragons team has announced that it will offer a new cryptocurrency for players of the game. Players will use this cryptocurrency to craft items. The team has also mentioned initial plans to create PvP and PvE modes.

The Six Dragons has been one of the most anticipated blockchain games of 2019-2020. It began to attract attention early last year – when the team first announced that it would use Enjin Coin (ENJ) and .

Early demo footage of The Six Dragons showed that it had great graphics, a compelling story, and a sophisticated crafting system. We explored these aspects of the game in our June, 2019 early preview.

Since that time, development on The Six Dragons has continued steadily. In November, the team unveiled a video showing an advanced crafting system that allows players to create new Enjin-backed items.

Shortly afterwards, the closed alpha was made available to early supporters.

With the announcement of a new token and possible multiplayer modes, the team hopes to accelerate the timetable on the game's public release and draw in a wider audience.

The Six Dragons Token (TSDT)

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Source: Six Dragons Blog

The new cryptocurrency for the game will be called The Six Dragons Token or TSDT. It will be backed 1:1 by Enjin Coin. 

When a player wishes to obtain TSDT, he will go to an exchange NPC in the game and pay the equivalent amount of ENJ. The player will receive TSDT, and the ENJ he paid will go into an Exchange Pool to be used by the game for future redemptions.

When a player crafts an item, he will provide the in-game materials to be used in it plus an amount of TSDT equal to the item's ENJ-backing. For example, if a sword is minted with 0.01 ENJ and is made of iron and wood, the player must provide wood, iron, and 0.01 TSDT to successfully craft it.

If the player purchases TSDT and then later decides that he doesn't want to use it, he will be able to sell it back to the exchange NPC for an equivalent amount of ENJ.

In a previous version of the crafting system, the player needed to pay ENJ each and every time he crafted an item. This could have potentially led to high gas fees for players.

The team expected this problem to be resolved with the launch of the Enjin Efinity sidechain, which would have lowered gas fees. However, when Efinity's release was delayed, this new cryptocurrency was adopted as a solution instead.

TSDT held in the Exchange Pool will be periodically melted. And when these melt transactions occur, they will result in gas fees charged to the developer of The Six Dragons. However, because the TSDT will be melted in large batches, gas fees should remain minimal.

The new TSDT cryptocurrency is not part of a presale and is not intended to be used for fundraising. Since each token is exchangeable at a 1:1 ratio for ENJ, its price should be highly correlated to that of Enjin Coin itself.

Six Dragons Multiplayer

The new multiplayer modes for The Six Dragons are for both PvP and PvE. The team has stated that this announcement is “not an official announcement that we are adding multiplayer modes” since “this process will take time and an important investment.

However, the team has hired new members specifically to work on these modes. So these modes can be seen as a future, post-launch feature that may be implemented in later builds.

Here is a list of the multiplayer modes that are currently in an early stage of being developed:

PvP Free For All

In this mode, players will be able to fight using whatever gear they have acquired over time. There will be no gear scaling, and more experienced players will likely dominate this format.

PvP Esports

In this mode, players will begin with a starter set of gear and will be put on a timer. While the timer runs, players will be allowed to farm resources and craft gear to gain an advantage over their opponents.

Once time has run out, players will meet each other in the open world and fight.

This version of the game will also include MOBA elements similar to those found in DOTA 2 and League of Legends.


In this mode, powerful World Bosses will be made available that are impossible to defeat alone. Players will be able to join with their friends to defeat these bosses and obtain resource loot.

Players will also be able to team up to play through The Six Dragons story.

With this new cryptocurrency token and plans for future multiplayer modes, The Six Dragons continues to progress in its development. 

We look forward to playing an early version of this game or the public version when it is finally released. Check back to this blog often. We'll let you know when we get more information about this upcoming blockchain game.

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