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Shrapnel: A Crypto Game Inspired by Call of Duty


Crypto games are rapidly gaining favor in the gaming sector. These games make use of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to provide fresh thrills.

Some games are created as something completely new, while others, in turn, take as a basis games that have been bestsellers for many years.

Their popularity will only grow thanks to the concept that players receive not just some virtual chips for victories, but real money. What could be more motivating to play?

The concept of playing to make money has contributed to the rise in popularity of such games. And of course, it began to attract not only ordinary gamers but also investors. From Axie Infinity to Gods Unchained, the crypto gaming landscape offers a variety of games.

Crypto game developers love to release games that are based on already popular titles. There is a reason for this – when you release a game with a sensational story, you don't have to worry that this news will drown in a sea of ​​other gaming news. After all, the game already has a fan base, which, of course, will download the crypto version of their favorite world.

The game Shrapnel is coming out soon. This game is surprisingly reminiscent of the popular Call of Duty franchise. Will she be successful? We won't say for sure, but the news about it has already stirred up the global gaming community.

Millions of people around the world adore Call of Duty, belong to communities of fans of this title, and spend days and weeks on their favorite hobby. Some develop on their own, and others use boosting like cod Skycoach, when professional gamers help with leveling, completing tasks, and coaching.

But in the end, they all love this game. Is there any chance they will come to Shrapnel? Without a doubt, most will at least log into the new game to get acquainted with it. What do we know about the new title?


Neon Machine is developing this cryptocurrency-based game. Do you enjoy shooters? Oh, then you'll enjoy it. This game has evolved into a hybrid of adrenaline-fueled first-person shooters and blockchain-based technology. Shrapnel, which has been posted in the Epic Games Store's Early Access Gameplay area, intends to be a AAA blockbuster in the Call of Duty mold.

Most of the information about the game is not yet available to ordinary people because the game has not yet been released. However, we do know that Shrapnel is set in a dystopian universe. When registering at the start of the game, all players are allowed to customize every aspect of the game.

This means a truly extensive list of customizable things, this includes both characters and weapons and even the maps on which events unfold. Reviewers are already referring to this game as a AAA first-person shooter. Similar to Call of Duty, you will most likely have a thrilling time in this game. What's the most important task in this game? Goal number one is to survive.

Community Participation

Neon Machine actively involves its community throughout the development process. This suggests that the developers are trying to please their users as much as possible. Many large companies lack such solutions.

Although the game has not yet been released we cannot definitively say whether all the wishes of the players have been taken into account. However, we already see that it is the players who control the development process.

Together with the developers, they strive to make Shrapnel legendary in the field of crypto games. The free version of the game is scheduled for release in 2025.

NFT and SHRAP Token

In addition to a large number of similarities with Call of Duty, the game Shrapnel has one important difference. Here players will find not only cool weapons, bullets, and action. Here, for victories, users will receive a special currency – , namely its own SHRAP token. The project has raised over $20 million in a Series A funding round led by Polychain Capital.

But Why Call of Duty?

Recently, Call of Duty has had worthy competitors in the first-person shooter market: for example, Titanfall 2, but many players are still devoted to the Activision series. Why? The answer to this question lies in the answer to why the creators of Shrapnel chose this particular game to emulate.

​CoD is a series of arcade shooters designed for a specific audience. That is, the community here is completely different from, for example, in Battlefield. The time between skirmishes is measured in seconds rather than minutes, the time-to-kill is very low, and the game does a great job of rewarding victories.

CoD has mastered the art of giving the player pleasure as a reward for killing. Many players love high-speed action and shooting opponents in . Some users play Call of Duty because of the single-player campaign.

At the same time, the game is perfectly balanced, it has interesting and understandable mechanics and a fairly modern picture.

Of course, the game series has both good titles and less successful ones. But even though many shooters on the market look, and sound and are played better than CoD, people still pay money for it.

Shrapnel is not the first game created based on another more popular and well-known game. And thanks to the fame of Call of Duty, it has every chance to also become a legendary game, but in the cryptocurrency world.

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