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Shield of Shalwend Trailer Released – Players Earn Enjin-Backed Loot


Shield of Shalwend

Shield of Shalwend, an Enjin-backed action- from Enigma Games, has a new trailer showcasing its gameplay.

The new trailer shows a medieval character fighting waves of enemies and equipping items from a menu. The game is described in the trailer as “a story of bravery, adventure, and humor.” It features both a single-player and “local PvP” mode.

Shield of Shalwend Beta

Shield of Shalwend was in open beta prior to September 10, 2019. Prior to that date, players could sign up on the developer's website and play the game for free. 

However, the beta is now over, and Shield of Shalwend has become a publicly released, buy-to-play game.

How to Play This Game

Shield of Shalwend can currently be purchased for $14.99 from the developer's website. There does not appear to be any limit to the number of crypto items players can earn from the game once the purchase price is paid.

The game is also available as a download from the Google Play, iOS, and Amazon app stores.

Gameplay elements

There are three playable characters in Shield of Shalwend: Shalwend, Brightblayde, and Danjirus. After choosing a character, the player faces waves of elf attackers. As each wave is defeated, the player is rewarded with ranks that give him greater respect among the norse gods.

In-between waves, players can equip weapons and armor that provide special benefits when “charged” by killing enemies.. For example, the Piraeus War Shield can be charged by killing 50 elves and has the effect of summoning war gods.

Connecting a crypto wallet

To earn collectibles from within Shield of Shalwend, a player will need to link his Enjin wallet with his Enigma Games account. This can be done using a QR code on the collectibles page.

game collectibles

Shield of Shalwend collectibles

There are 7 collectibles that have been created for the game: Shalwend, Danjirus, Brightblayde, Runewood Shield, Valhalla Shield, Gjalpinulva, and Piraeus Shield. Each collectible exists in both a common and rare version. This makes 14 items total.

rare and common

Other Enigma Blockchain Games

Shield of Shalwend is not the only blockchain game Enigma has developed or plans to develop in the future. Here is a list of current and future titles that will provide ENJ-backed rewards.

Min Mins

Min Mins is a turn-based strategy game featuring creatures that fight in the clouds. Over 80 units are available, divided into 5 classes that each have distinct advantages.

There are two Multiverse items that can found in Min Mins: the Epochrome Sword and Soulshift Armor.

Wargods Online 2 (in development)

Wargods Online 2 is an open world RPG using an Action Point combat system. The original Wargods Online was one of Enigma's biggest hits. This is the sequel.

Theta Warriors Defense (in development)

Theta Warriors Defense is A sci-fi tower defense game that pits three players against each other. It also provides support for single and dual player modes with 1 or 2 A.I. opponents.

Solve It!

Solve It is a puzzle game that follows the adventures of Tom and Jen as they attempt to uncover ancient artifacts. This game is currently available on BlockStack here. ENJ collectible support has not yet been implemented, but is planned for the future.

What do you think of Shield of Shalwend's new trailer? Is buy-to-play a viable business model for crypto games? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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