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SEGA Announces it Will Sell NFTs in Summer 2021


In a new press release (in Japanese), SEGA has announced its plan to enter the world.

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A rough translation of the news is as follows:

SEGA Co., Ltd. will start selling NFT digital contents utilizing blockchain technology in collaboration with double jump.tokyo Co., Ltd. around the summer of 2021.

In this initiative, many classic IPs, which were developed on the hardware released by SEGA in the past and are still very popular all over the world, are rich in digital such as visual art at the time of release, images used in the game, and BGM. We will sell the assets as NFT (*) content in sequence. 

In addition, starting with this, we are planning to develop various NFT contents in the IPs currently being developed and also in new IPs to be released in the future, and in the future, we will effectively utilize the NFT contents owned by users. We will also seek services that you can enjoy even more.

Furthermore, SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS INC. Has decided to invest in double jump.tokyo Co., Ltd. taking this initiative as an opportunity. The NFT market is growing rapidly and is expected to grow significantly in the future. 

The company already has a wealth of experience in the NFT market, and this investment will further strengthen the relationship between the two companies. 

Through this initiative, we will accumulate knowledge on the blockchain, promote aggressive business development beyond NFT using blockchain technology, increase the possibility of games, and aim for users all over the world. We will create a new moving experience.

Following NFT releases from classic gaming companies like Capcom and Street Fighter, SEGA will likely bring NFTs for major characters like Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Knuckles, and more.

Hopefully these NFTs have utility which introduces a new world of NFT games!

Many people criticize NFTs as a cash grab, and so far many projects are nothing more than speculation.

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