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The Sandbox Public LAND Sale Wave #1 Featuring 6 CoinMarketCap Premium NFT Heroes


sandbox land sale

Announcing the first public LAND sale, launching on February 11th at 1PM UTC with CoinMarketCap. 

“Since the inception of , direct ownership of digital assets has been in the spirit of the crypto industry. NFTs encapsulate this idea and expand it to new frontiers. The Sandbox is one example where users can become a real part of its multiverse with ownership rights in the assets that come with it.

Hence, CoinMarketCap is excited to partner with The Sandbox to participate in and support the fast growing space by obtaining LAND and issuing CMC NFTs to The Sandbox & CoinMarketCap communities.” 

Now that we are beginning public sales, we will be releasing new parts of The Sandbox in waves, starting with 9 ESTATE auctions and Premium LANDS in this first wave. Each wave will feature unique themes, content, and partners, so stay tuned for news on upcoming waves in the future!

sandbox game public sale

The Sandbox is a decentralized gaming platform where players, gamers, and creators can design and monetize their user-generated content on the blockchain.


  • The first public LAND sale wave of 2021,  in partnership with CoinMarketCap, launches on February 11th at 1PM UTC
  • 9 ESTATES and 1,200 Premium LANDS will be available during this first wave.
  • Each of the 1,200 Premium LANDS include 2x CoinMarketCap exclusive NFTs among 5 EPIC superhero ASSETS. A 6th EPIC NFT can be obtained in a bonus event following the completion of wave #1 
  • All 9 ESTATES (7x M, 2x L) will be sold exclusively in auction on OpenSea and include the 6 superhero NFTs as well
# Parcels# LandsPriceContent
Land Premium1,2001,2004,683 SAND2 CMC NFT Heroes + 1×1 LAND
Estate (S)00
Estate (M = 6×6)7252Auction36 LANDS (6×6) + 6 CMC NFT Heroes
Estate (L = 12×12)2288Auction144 LANDS (12×12) + 6 CMC NFT Heroes
Estate (XL = 24×24)00
1,740 LANDS

The Sandbox public LAND sale will be the first of several waves happening all throughout the year. Each new wave will include a different partner and/or theme with exclusive ASSETS. A total of 1,740 unique LANDS will be up for sale for a week including 1,200 Premium LANDS and 9 ESTATES. For the first time since we launched our first presale, there will be no single (non-premium) LANDS for sale. This wave will also be the opportunity for us to introduce a new way to acquire ESTATES: auctions. Read on to learn all about this first public sale.

CMC Partnership

coin market cap

This first wave is in partnership with asset price-tracking website, CoinMarketCap (CMC). Together, we recently launched the first NFT gaming campaign on their platform.

In this sale, 1,200 Premium LANDs will be available, each bundled with 2 premium CMC heroes. In total, there will be five different heroes to choose from:


sandbox nfts
coinmarketcap nfts

What's New?

The auction style of sale will be introduced during this first wave. 

  • A total of 7x Estates M (6×6) and 2x Estates L (12×12) will be available during this round and will be sold in auction on OpenSea. 
  • Each Estate will also include the 6x premium CMC NFTs.
  • Each Estate is closely located to the main CMC 24×24 LAND, so that players will be able easily to travel using the transportation system.
  • The auction will follow the same principle that was set for our UNICEF charity auction.
  • Users will be able to freely place their bids starting from Thursday, February 11th at 1PM UTC and for an auction duration of 2 days. 
  • Each ESTATE will have a floor price depending on its size. 
  • Bidders will have the choice to place a bid on any and every ESTATE they wish to acquire. 
  • Each bidder will have to outbid the subsequent bidder (place a higher bid than the previous one) to have a chance at winning the ESTATE. 
  • The final winner will be the one that has the highest bid by the end of the auction.

The highest bidders for each ESTATE will be validated and contacted to receive their winnings after the two-day auction has passed.

We will update the article once the links are available on OpenSea for the Auctions

Bonus Event

Once there were six CMC heroes: Brawler, Sage, Captain Aqua, Hothead, Protector and CoinMarketCaptain. These six heroes undertook the mission to protect The Sandbox metaverse from evil NFTs. They continuously fought and kept the metaverse safe.

During an epic war in the past, one of these heroes, Hero F, fell into one of the portals and disappeared, never to return, and the five remaining heroes scattered across the map. However, a prophecy claims that when the LANDS align and the five heroes meet in a single wallet, that lucky holder could summon the mighty sixth hero and bring him back from the endless void. 

LANDS will align on February 11th and the lucky buyers that manage to collect all five CMC heroes will get to claim the exclusive sixth hero. After this event, CoinMarketCaptain will never appear again in the metaverse and cannot be directly purchased during the sale. 

How can I get Captain CMC?

You need to summon the team of five heroes into your wallet, which will give you the power. This is the only way for you to claim CoinMarketCaptain. Summoning the team of five CMC heroes into your wallet will unlock a mythical sixth one that will be claimable after the sale has ended. 

You can achieve this by purchasing at least three different Premium LANDS. You will need to have collected Brawler, Sage, Captain Aqua, Hothead and Protector. If any one of these is missing, you won't be eligible to summon CoinMarketCaptain.

In case you can't manage to collect these five heroes, you could try to trade the duplicates via the secondary marketplace, OpenSea. 

There will be a five day period after the end of the event for you to collect/trade your heroes. Once you've collected all 5 heroes, you will be eligible to claim Hero F and become the holder of all six CMC heroes after February 18th. 

sandbox public land auction

What will come next?

The Sandbox team will be regularly announcing new waves of LAND sales with major partners and fun themes so follow us on Medium to stay up to date.

buy sandbox game land

If this is your first LAND sale, or its been awhile since you participated, these articles will be helpful:

To buy a LAND, you will need to follow these 3 steps:

1. Set up your wallet

2. Get $SAND

3. Buy LAND on The Sandbox map (Make sure you are there on time!)

Don't miss the launch of the presale by pre-registering your wallet here: www.sandbox.game

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