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The Sandbox Game Launches DAO with Governance & Community Influence Using SAND or LAND


The Sandbox Game has launched a long awaited DAO program that has been on the roadmap for many of crypto and 's oldest projects.

The idea of a DAO gives control, voting rights, and general influence to the community at large. You can use tokens to vote for proposals that have been submitted.

Introducing The Sandbox DAO

The Sandbox is shaping the future of the platform as a bridge between gaming, entertainment, , art, and more!

The community will have a say over collections, Game Jam winners, and treasury allocation.

Become A Decision-Maker

Whether you own a single plot of LAND or multiple, The Sandbox allows your voice to be heard. By participating, you can help make decisions that directly impact your LAND ownership, like influencing game aesthetics and interactivity through votes on Game Jams and

Participating in the DAO plays a critical role in the economic vitality and allure of your digital property, elevating its value in this ever-evolving virtual world.

Influence The Creative Narrative

Engagement in the DAO empowers you to sculpt the creative landscape. Your votes will influence Game Jam themes, directly steering the platform's creative direction. Your decisions on Game Maker Funds and prize allocations will reward and recognize burgeoning talent and cultivate a rich environment for innovation.

Your votes also empower digital creators worldwide, ensuring the platform remains a dynamic, community-driven space for storytelling and game development.

Elevate Your Digital Real Estate

Your influence extends far beyond your creations, steering the artistic direction of the platform. By voting, you'll empower the community, highlighting exceptional talents and fostering a nurturing environment.

Your insights are crucial in evolving the platform, ensuring it meets the needs of its most creative users.

Shape The Games You Love

Our global player base can help shape the future of the platform, improving the product one vote at a time.

The first batch of SIPs (Sandbox Improvement Proposals) are NOW LIVE!

Head to https://www.sandboxdao.com/proposals to make your vote.

Want to participate?

All you need is 5 $SAND or a plot of LAND! Understand how you can participate and influence the growth of our .

How to Buy SAND on Polygon

Click here to directly swap any crypto for SAND on Polygon, which is the native token.

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