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Richard Heart Hates NFTs – “The Metaverse is a Scam”


Richard Heart has been trolling the world with outrage marketing, posting outlandish images wearing hideous clothing that costs more than the average house. What people don't realize is that it is solely to get views, and he hates ACTUALLY doing it. KEKW.

RH has been right about many things, but he may have gone too far when he called the “a scam.” Check it out – video starts on metaverse timestamp:

As a long time gamer and Starcraft addict, Richard Heart believes we are already in the metaverse. What I think he is missing is the interoperability aspect that few games have yet to pull off.

Most games should not launch with a token, or they will get farmed and sent to zero.

I predict Richard will be wrong on this one.

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Lives a life of heavy metal, crypto, and gaming. Comment on these and you will get a response.


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