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Polyient Labs Announces Investment Firm Focused on Games


Polyient Labs, a blockchain startup incubator, has announced the creation of a new investment firm to focus on blockchain game developers. The firm is called Polyient Games. Its purpose is to help blockchain game startups collaborate with each other to bring about a new NFT ecosystem.

Polyient Labs

Prior to this announcement, Polyient Labs was already known to the blockchain gaming world for having funded both Cargo and Blockade Games. Cargo is a website that helps users create NFTs simply and easily, while Blockcade games is the creator of Plasma Bears, Pineapple Arcade, and Neon District.

Fostering user adoption through openness

Polyient Games is concerned about what it sees as a lack of user-adoption for blockchain games and NFTs. 

To solve this problem, it wishes to foster openness

Polyient Games will be chain agnostic. It will fund startups that create products for many different blockchain platforms, and it will focus on those that allow their products to operate on multiple chains.

It will also fund startups that seek to collaborate with each other. Ideally, Polyient Games wants to see a large collection of games with cross-game items.

And it wants to avoid micromanaging individual startups. Developers funded by the firm will “retain complete control over their games and their IP” according to the announcement.

Founder’s Keys

In order to jump start its efforts, Polyient Games will soon be launching a Founder’s Key Sale. This will be similar to the Founder’s Key Sale previously held for Neon District.

A Founder’s Key is a non-fungible token that gives its holder lifetime benefits, including early access to builds and discounts on future items. While the Neon District Founder’s Keys gave their holders these benefits in relation to a single game, the Polyient Games’ Founder’s Keys (PGKR) will give benefits related to the entire ecosystem of Polyient Games.

Polyient Games has not yet announced the details of this sale, but has promised to release these details soon. It has also promised to produce a whitepaper that will provide more information about the upcoming Polyient Games ecosystem.

How to apply

For startups that seek collaboration with Polyient Games, there is not yet a formal application process. However, the firm encourages interested parties to sign up for its newsletters. This can be done from the official Polyient Games website.

Tom Blackstone
Tom Blackstone
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