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Polyient Games Launches Founder’s Key sale


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Polyient Games has just launched its Founder's Key Sale. This allows collectors to buy Polyient Games Founder's Keys (PGFK).

These keys give holders a wide variety of exclusive benefits in upcoming Polyient Games' partner titles. They also allow users to earn fees when they provide liquidity to a Polyient Games' NFT marketplace.

Early adopters of the PGFK system include popular blockchain games like Axie Infinity, Battle Racers, The Sandbox, Blockchain Cuties, and more.

Polyient Games: a cross-blockchain, open gaming company

We first reported on Polyient games back in February. At that time, it had been announced as an investment firm seeking to foster cooperation between blockchain gaming developers.

Polyient games stated that it was most interested in cross-blockchain games and items that could be used in multiple games.

Polyient Games Founder's Key (PGFK) 

The Polyient Games Founder's Key (PGFK) is an for use in Polyient Games' partner titles. It offers the holder the following exclusive perks:

  • Early access to new games and expansions
  • Access to a lobby where players can talk directly to devs
  • Random NFT rewards
  • Early access to Polyient Games' cross-game marketplace
  • Marketplace fee reductions

In addition, PGFTs can be broken down into fractional units called XPGPs. More on this below.

PGFK Particles (XPGPs)

XPGPs are units of currency created by breaking down Founder's Keys. PGFKs can be sent into a smart contract function called the PGFK-XPGP bridge. For each PGFK sent into the bridge, 1,000 XPGPs are sent to the sender.

XPGP will be the primary currency used in the Polyient Games marketplace. The more partners that join the platform, the more useful this currency will become. PGFK holders will be the first holders of XPGP.

XPGP holders will also be able to provide liquidity to a decentralized exchange and take a cut of the fees from this exchange. This exchange will work similarly to the way Uniswap does, except that it will be designed specifically to facilitate video game and collectible transactions.

How to participate in the Polyient Games Founder's Key Sale

The Founder's Keys can be purchase at the official PGFK sale page. Either or Magic can be used to log in. All purchases are for ETH.

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