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Pokémon ENS Explained – 2024 – 2025 Price Prediction


domains are domains and/or usernames that you can purchase with an wallet.

It's a way to make it easier to identify an Ethereum address with a username, instead of the long, hard to remember address.

It can also represent your handle on Farcaster and a number of other social platforms.

An example would be johnsmith.eth instead of 0x4c6a3f1c183d38d0c3e9551c255308e79cf6dd29 for example.

Because these usernames must be registered, only one person can own a name at any given time. They can use the name to route crypto payments, maintain their digital identity in , or use it to build a decentralized website among other uses.

This gives ENS domains a “collectible” status.

Given that Pokémon is the most collectible brand in the world, many crypto users are speculating that these names could be very valuable, particularly with Gen 1 Pokémon names.

To register a new name, you can visit ens.domains. However, most Pokémon names are almost certainly registered, unless they have entered the expiration auction.

To register a Pokémon ENS, you can see what is available on vision.io here.

To keep up with the latest news, you should follow the PokémonENS X profile.

The official discord is here.

Price Prediction for Pokémon ENS

Crypto bull markets can cause a lot of assets to rise exponentially due to speculation and virality. We believe the most sought after Pokémon names could hit a floor of 100 ETH in 2024 and 2025.

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