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Pixels Online News and Price Prediction for 2024-2025


  • “Pixels Online” is highlighted as a leading crypto gaming project with a detailed breakdown of how to earn money within the game and price predictions for its token.
  • The game is described as a hyper-casual farming game with an energy system and a governance token called “pixel token.” Players can earn by completing tasks, such as delivering orders and quests.
  • The current market cap and volume of the “PIXEL token” are discussed, along with considerations about the fully diluted market cap's impact.
  • Despite concerns about fully diluted market cap, the current valuation of “Pixels” is deemed reasonable, especially considering the game's active user base and transaction volume.
  • The player base of “Pixels Online” is characterized as a mix of hyper-casual players and more serious gamers, with options for both types to participate in the game's economy.
  • The sustainability of the game's economy is emphasized, with comparisons to other successful games like “Clash of Clans” and “Axie Infinity.”
  • The potential for growth in active users, transactions, and valuation is discussed, with a prediction that “Pixels Online” could surpass other tokens in the crypto gaming space.
  • The speaker plans to increase their position in “Pixels” and suggests that it could be a safer investment option with strong fundamentals and a veteran team behind it.

How to Earn PIXEL Token

  • The video provides a tutorial on how to earn money in Pixels Online, emphasizing a recent change in the game's mechanics related to earning opportunities.
  • Previously, players could farm resources and sell them for coins, but now the focus is on earning the PIXEL token.
  • Earning pixel tokens involves completing tasks and quests within the game, which can be accessed through the taskboard.
  • Players need to buy seeds from Hazel and plant them according to the tasks given in the taskboard to earn pixel tokens.
  • VIP membership offers additional benefits, such as increased pixel rewards and access to more tasks, but the earnings may fluctuate over time as the developer adjusts the game's economy.
  • Coins are also important for progression in the game, as they are needed to buy seeds and other resources.
  • The video demonstrates how to fulfill tasks and craft items required for earning pixel tokens, such as construction powder, solid blocks, and bricks.

A price prediction for the PIXEL token in 2024 – 2025 is $3.00.

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