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Pixels Announces Chapter 2 and Sets Foundation For Creating an Ecosystem of Games 


New Gameplay Systems Target Player Rewards, Collaboration, and Community Growth

June 18, 2024 — Pixels, the largest game by daily active gamers, today announced the release of Chapter 2, which includes updates to resource generation, land progression, crafting mechanics, and new industries. 

With 1 million daily active players, Pixels is a casual web3 game that offers an open-ended world of farming and exploration often compared to Stardew Valley. Pixels is on a mission to create the largest gaming company in the world — and using Web3 to do it. 

With Chapter 2, Pixels is setting the stage for long-term sustainability by introducing new features and systemic changes that will transform the gameplay experience for players with a focus on incentive design and reward distribution. 

  • Gameplay – Chapter two introduces better progression & more gameplay experiences
  • Rewards – Giving more rewards to more dedicated users and giving you more reasons to use $PIXEL in-game
  • Fun and Community Building – Pixels is a social game with community-building features 

For a full breakdown of changes, upgrades, and experiences, read this post. Pixels embraces the Web3 ethos of building alongside the community and actively seeks player feedback.

“At Pixels, our focus is on creating a generationally defining company and game. We already are the biggest Web3 gaming company, and as we lay the groundwork for the next five years, we're developing different Pixels experiences to engage our next 10 million players,” said Luke Barwikowski, Pixels founder and CEO.

“Alongside the Chapter 2 release, we're exploring opportunities to expand horizontally by acquiring or partnering with existing games. With our bottom-up growth approach and aligned incentives, we plan to extend our successful user acquisition strategies to new games we build in house and other promising web3 titles, driving industry innovation and growth.”

Since its debut on the Network in September 2023, Pixels has experienced explosive growth and has achieved over 5 million lifetime , 200,000+ players investing in monthly VIP memberships, and daily active addresses reaching an all-time high of 1,061,873 on May 13. Players also spent an average of 4.45M $PIXEL ($2.4 M USD) in the game each month.

For more information on Chapter 2, follow Pixels on X and Discord for real-time updates. 

Chapter 2 Additional Details

Resource Collection Mechanics: Currently, resource generation is tied to individual players, but Chapter 2 will allocate resources based on each land. This global cap on daily resource generation encourages players to collaborate within Guilds, fostering a more balanced and strategic approach to resource management.

Crafting Mechanics: Personal crafting stations will be exclusive to a single user, streamlining the crafting process. The introduction of multi-crafting capabilities will enable players to stack multiple instances of the same recipe, optimizing production.

Tiering System and New Industry Tiers: A comprehensive tiering system for resources and crafting recipes will be introduced in Chapter 2, categorizing them into four distinct tiers. This ensures that all resources serve a purpose, with strict limitations on the number of energy-producing resources per tier. Tools and soil will also undergo tiering and durability constraints. Additionally, there will be new industries in the upcoming chapter including stone and metal crafting.

Land progression: Free-to-play lands, Specks, will enable players to collect lower-tier resources independently, gradually progressing to higher-tier resource generation as they advance with the ability to upgrade Specls six times using Coins and $PIXEL. lands will grant exclusive access to top-tier resources, rewarding landowners and those in Guilds with unique advantages. Our ultimate goal is to giving more rewards to more committed users and give you more reasons to use $PIXEL in-game. 

Pixels gained a lot of popularity heading into 2024, but with the recent downturn in the crypto gaming markets it will be interesting to see if gamers and users stick around.

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