Latest Updates in Blockchain Gaming

Richard Heart’s Hex Coin – The Best in Crypto Game Theory?

This post will examine an ambitious new project that claims to reward holders with interest similar to a CD.

Bullish Times – AMD Joins Blockchain Game Alliance, Partners with Ultra, Robot Cache

Validation matters. After last week's big announcement that Microsoft had partnered with Enjin on their Azure Heroes program, things...

Project Genesis: “Breach and Board” Space Combat With NFT Items – Pre-Alpha Review

Project Genesis is an upcoming first person shooter and 3rd person space combat game from 8 Circuit...

Rumor Confirmed – Microsoft Announces “Azure Heroes” Tokens Backed by Enjin

Recently, some members of the Enjin community uncovered what looked like Microsoft tokens on

Battle Racers Announces Crate Presale with Tesla & Binance Cars

Battle Racers goes live with early access and launches its Season 1 crate sale. It’s time to battle race...

Blockchain Cuties “Wars of Cutieland” Hype Builds

The developer of Blockchain Cuties has provided new info on its upcoming expansion, Wars of Cutieland. 

Knight Story – A New Game By the Creators of EOS Knights

The creators of the popular mobile RPG, EOS Knights, have announced that a new game is in...

Is WAX a Leader in Blockchain Asset Exchange for Games? Our Take

WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange) is a decentralized system for trading both video game items and tokenized consumer...

Chain Warriors Marathon: $12,000 Worth of Crypto Up For Grabs

Chain Warriors has recently announced that it is holding a contest called the Chain Warriors Marathon. This contest...

Somnium Space – Ethereum-Backed VR That Might Take Over Your Life

Somnium Space is a blockchain-backed virtual reality world developed by Somnium Space, Lmt. Each piece of real...

The Abyss – Game Distribution Powered by Crypto – Steam Challenger?

The Abyss is a gaming distribution platform with a crypto twist. On The Abyss, developers and users...

Enjin MFTs Are Now Bound Forever to HODLERs


Age of Rust – Pre-Alpha Demo Review (MFT, Lastlight, Origin Token Hodlers Only!)

Update 10/24/2019: the Age of Rust team has released a pre-alpha demo, open to everyone, but only...

Light Trail Rush Pre-Alpha Early Access Demo with Ethereum NFTs

Light Trail Rush Announcement 8 November 2019 DappRadar and B2Expand...

Chain Warriors Review: The Casual RPG on the Abyss Platform

Update - Marathon Announcement - November 7, 2019 The Abyss game platform together with...

Auctionity: Sell Your Collectibles to The Highest Bidder

Auctionity is a platform for selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In other words, it’s a place where you...

Enjin Coin News – The Gaming Cryptocurrency (UPDATED)

If you’ve been trying to keep up with the latest developments in blockchain gaming, you’ve probably heard of Enjin Coin, an inter-platform cryptocurrency token designed for online games.

Gods Unchained Updated Review & News – Why You Should Claim Cards NOW

Gods Unchained is one of the first digital collectible trading card games built using blockchain technology. It is similar to Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering Arena, with the exception that players of Gods Unchained actually own their cards and can trade them freely.

Containment Corps – Enjin Backed FPS Early Demo Scouting Report

Containment Corps is a team-based first-person shooter and tower defense game in development from Nimbus Interactive. It...

Chromia: The Scalable Blockchain for MMOs

Chromia is a gaming blockchain and platform currently in development. Chromia is designed to solve the scalability...

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