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NFTs and Metamask Explained – How to Transfer or Add an NFT


It's important to understand that is just a front-end for an wallet that is easy to use and connects directly to any Metamask enabled website.

Your Ethereum wallet consists of various ethereum addresses.

An address is a long string of characters starting with 0x.


An “Account” is an Ethereum address. If you have multiple accounts, this means you have multiple Ethereum addresses in this wallet.

“Not connected” means you are not currently connected to a Metamask enabled website.

The colored icon in the top right is a visual representation of the Ethereum address you currently have selected.

To take ownership of any cryptocurrency or on Ethereum, it needs to be assigned to your Ethereum address.

When you send someone Ethereum (ETH), you are really just taking it from your balance (address) and assigning it to someone else's address.

When you move an Ethereum cryptocurrency such as Coin (ENJ), you are moving it from your address to another address.

NFTs & Metamask

NFTs are unique in that they have a visual component that people like to view.

However, many such as Metamask do not currently display NFT imagery, or even show that you own an NFT from an artist for example.

So if you had an NFT “sent to your Metamask,” you really just had someone send it to your Ethereum address. This is normal, and don't panic, just because you can't see it in Metamask doesn't mean you don't own it.

NFT Enabled Websites

In order to view your NFTs visually, or to display them in a gallery, you need to find a website that has NFT display functionality built in.

Remember, Metamask lets you manage an Ethereum address or addresses, but doesn't show them visually.

Here's how the process works:

When you log into an NFT enabled website, it will first ask to connect to your Metamask account. Why? Because it needs to know which NFTs are assigned to your address.

Don't worry, this is just “read only” access. You are not granting permission to spend anything from your Ethereum address.


The website will check the Ethereum address that your Metamask account provides. If there are NFTs assigned to the wallet, it can pull the metadata in order to display it visually.

Test NFT Inventory Display on OpenSea

OpenSea has long been able to show you all of your NFTs. They even recently enabled a number of blockchains/sidechains like (Matic) so you can view your NFTs on other networks.

If you are confused, don't worry about it. Just try this:

Visit OpenSea.io and connect Metamask. It will prompt you to do this right away, or you can click the icon in the top right of the website to connect.

opensea profile

If you see a colored circle, you are logged in. This colored circle represents the ETH address currently selected in Metamask.

If you need to connect to a different Metamask address, click on Metamask in your browser bar, then click the colored circle to see if you have more than one address.

Each address will need to be approved for connection to OpenSea.

Once connected, it will check the Ethereum address to see if you have any NFTs, as shown in this example below:

Other NFT enabled websites or blockchain games will ask to connect to your Metamask in order to see what you have.

If you have a number of Enjin Blockchain items, you can download the Enjin wallet, enter your Metamask seed phrase (hopefully you still have it!) and it will show the same ETH address in Metamask, but in the Enjin wallet.

A note about seed phrases – when “restoring” a wallet, you need to enter your seed phrase. This is how it works. Just make 100% sure you have the real Enjin Wallet, etc.

If you have any Enjin NFTs, go to the “Assets” section in the menu to view them.

How to Transfer an NFT

To transfer an NFT off of your Metamask wallet, you will need to use native send functionality built in to the blockchain game, NFT app, or website.

Connect your Metamask, enter the receive address, and click send.

In the Enjin Wallet, just click “Send” when selecting any asset.


Metamask currently does not show NFTs natively. It just shows your Ethereum addresses, ETH balance, and ERC-20 balances.

You can send NFTs to these Metamask ETH addresses, but to view them you need to connect to an NFT enabled website like OpenSea or view your ETH address in an NFT enabled wallet like Enjin Wallet.

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