Talk to an NFT Consultant and “Get It” – Gaming, Metaverse, Digital Collectibles

“NFTs are a scam!” “NFTs destroy the environment.”

Why do people say this?

Lack of education on crypto technology and Bitcoin in general.

This video created by Castle Crypto founder Ryan aka “The Riz” was published in 2019 way ahead of the NFT curve:

It is the #1 result for “NFT games explained” or “blockchain games explained” because of the simple, step by step explanation.

What if you can ask questions of 3+ year veteran in the NFT space?

You Need Help Understanding NFTs for Your Business or Portfolio

Understand what an NFT is and how it works. Like they do:

Get an understanding of NFT games, events, airdrops, and insight into some of the best projects out there.

Network with some of the best and most pure influencers (zero scam promotions).

Better hurry before everyone catches up!!

Contact Riz here.