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MyMetaverse Enjin NFT Game Could Be Early Example of True Multiverse Gameplay


Launched by long time Enjin contributor and fan Simon Kertonegoro, MyMetaverse could be one of the more interesting opportunities in gaming right now.

Simon has understood the “multiverse” concept for quite some time, and has created many budding projects which will use the Enjin Ecosystem.

Few people seem to be as tuned in to Enjin on as Simon, and thus he could be the top first mover in the Enjin /Multiverse.

He fully understands the use case for gaming NFTs, player governance, and interoperability. The MyMeta team has already created a number of games that will be available to early players:

mymeta games

As of today, April 5th 2022, the sale for Governors of MyMeta has now begun, and the entry price is $100.

The Governors of MyMeta are tasked with the ultimate honor of bringing to life and shaping the destiny of humanity's virtual sanctuary – MyMeta.

This could be one of the best early opportunities to participate in the Enjin ecosystem.

One of the game servers includes MyMeta GTA, RP environment that will implement NFTs.

Join the MyMetaverse discord here – discord.gg/DJTzX83QnJ

Follow Simon on Twitter here.

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