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Moralis Money Review – Is Ivan On Tech’s New Altcoin Meme Finder Worth It?


First off – Ivan on Tech has been one of the longest running and most reputable crypto influencers for many years.

His original program Ivan on Tech Academy is still one of the best learning courses in crypto.

Moralis Money is a new online tool that helps you find new cryptocurrencies to invest in by using some proprietary search functions and filters.


You’re going to want to know which MEME coins are pumping BEFORE everyone else does.

They will make money, you won’t. UNLESS YOU HAVE AN EDGE.

That edge is knowing FIRST what coins are going to pump.

You know what they say…

“you gotta spend money to make money” and “scared money don’t make money…”

Moralis is the BEST way to find coins before the masses. Here’s why…

How to Use this Insanely Helpful Tool

It is highly recommended to use the pre-made filters that you can find on the homepage dashboard. Using these filters you could have discovered recent 2024 pumps in HEX, PEPE, MATIC and more.

Using “Top Coins Ranked by New Buyers This Month” we can get a list of coins on Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, and Arbitrum. It will also be supporting Pulsechain when it launches.

On the token explorer, select the chain in the top right and check out the list on the left hand side.

This filter is AMAZING and helps you get a high level view of where to find the current hype and top communities.

Finding the best communities is CRITICAL in crypto investing!

Security Rating

Also, pay close attention to the green shield icon which offers a security score by DEXTools.

Green means the project is very likely not a rug pull, yellow is more danger, and red you need to be very careful.

Selecting Metrics

Some of the more secret features to sort by are coin age, security score, liquidity, holders, buyers, market cap, fully diluted valuation, and experienced buyers.

You can even save queries to your account page which is super convenient.

Find Undervalued Altcoins

If you are creative enough, you can see big “pumps” coming by the way the market is behaving. For example, following the “experienced buyers” metric means addresses that have age and on-chain history – not newly created spam or bot addresses.

The Money Line TradingView Indicator

Membership comes with arguably one of the best crypto indicators on TradingView – The Money Line!

To start using the Moralis Line indicator, you will need to have your TradingView account ready.

Note: A free TradingView account will work.

How to Get the Money Line Indicator

Moralis Line is available for paid Moralis Money plans only. To purchase a subscription to Moralis Money, please follow this link.

Is Moralis Money a Scam?

As I mentioned before, Ivan on Tech has been helping educate the crypto industry for a long time. He has built a healthy reputation and there is zero chance that Moralis Money is a scam.

You will need to put in the time and effort to get a return. And as always, never invest more than you are willing to use, especially if it is a new meme coin!

Comparing Plans

Pro Plan

This plan offers:

  • Token Explorer
  • Scam Analysis
  • 10 saved queries
  • 5 alerts

Enterprise Plan

  • Token Explorer
  • Scam Analysis
  • Unlimited saved queries
  • Unlimited alerts
  • Private Telegram Group
  • Personalized Training
  • Institutional Research
  • On-Demand Chain Integrations
  • On-Demand Filter Creation
  • API
  • SLA

You can also pay with crypto if you would like.

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Ivan on Tech always delivers, and Moralis Money is well worth the investment. If you correctly use the tools and use some creative filtering, you should be able to find the latest altcoins that are pumping in price, or which communities are the strongest.Moralis Money Review - Is Ivan On Tech's New Altcoin Meme Finder Worth It?