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Microsoft Launches Azure Space Mystery Browser Text Game – NFTs Useable in Minecraft


Microsoft has launched a browser mini-game called Azure Space Mystery where you can do some learning exercises in order to receive an NFT Learner Badger.

The small mini-game involves exploring and learning about female scientists to commemorate the 6th International Day of Women and Girls in Science, as well as some technical documentation within Microsoft's knowledge library.

azure space mystery
enjin azure space mystery

The tasks are relatively simple, and it serves to demonstrate the Enjin Beam airdrop functionality upon completing the tasks.

We received a Learn Badger wearing a space suit as a reward after scanning a QR code with the Wallet.

This is increasingly bullish news for Enjin Coin as it surged to $.58 today!

Minecraft Characters as NFT Unlocks

NFTs acquired by playing the game will allow players to unlock a new โ€œquestโ€ inside the MyMetaverse Minecraft server. Users can then spawn Microsoft Azure heroes via the EnjinCraft plugin into the popular game.

We continue to believe that NFTs useable inside game worlds will absolutely explode onto the scene in 2021 and 2022. Read more Enjin news here.

For all you cheaters out there, the answer to What is the name of the pre-trained model used to identify space rocks using machine learning? – resnet50

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