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MetaMask Launches HyperPlay Web3 Game Launcher & Store Aggregator


MetMask has announced the early access launch of HyperPlay.xyz, a game launcher that brings into native games.

HyperPlay aggregates the Epic Games store, GOG.com store and its own store to overlay MetaMask into every game!

With HyperPlay, players can carry their MetaMask wallet across the entire decentralized web and into every game. Developers can build better game experiences and more immersive worlds. No more walled gardens.

HyperPlay can be connected to your existing MetaMask wallet, the overlay will show your wallet confirmations in-game.

and Extension are both supported, and it's similar to the famous Steam overlay for chat.

For developers, HyperPlay provides a simple API for native games to integrate with MetaMask. It is powered by the MetaMask SDK and the browser extension. Read the documentation for how this works here.

Existing browser-based games can also be added. These games work out of the box, with no changes needed from developers.

HyperPlay's support for multiple game stores like Epic, GOG, and the HyperPlay Store is intentional: developers should be free to release through any store they choose without fear of de-platforming or extractive fees imposed by web2 monopolies.

It will be interesting to see how this competes for the growing market share held by Elixir Launcher.

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