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Megadeth, One of the Greatest Thrash Metal Bands of All Time, Releases NFT


Some of the greatest metal riffs of all time came from Megadeth, and now they have an NFT to commemorate the band’s legendary status.

You know Dave Mustaine wouldn’t miss the opportunity to beat Metallica to the punch.

The first Megadeth 1 of 1 NFT is up for auction on Rarible. It runs from April 7th until April 12th, 2021.

It’s called “Vic Rattlehead: Genesis” and I will be stalking this one for sure.

It would be amazing if the winner of this token got a lifetime pass to all Megadeth concerts, similar to the Kings of Leon NFT drop.

In my mind the best utility a band NFT can offer is some kind of epic status whether that’s backstage passes, lifetime concert tickets, fan club membership, or some other benefit.

The token would then hold value and could be traded from one person to another, given its immutable status as a blockchain item.

While you’re here, check out the ripping metal song “Night Mission” by the band Night Mission, on the Audius crypto music platform.

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